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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Sport identifies us

Sport identifies us

OCTOBER 2014 | 2 minutes

We have revolutionised workspaces from now on which can only be a synonym for satisfaction.

The same satisfaction that sport and its values produce; movement, strength, passion and perseverance. Sport identifies us and thus we wanted it to be our leitmotif to use to communicate our latest developments. Actiu is committed to producing more comfortable offices, so that workers feel as if they are at home. We do this through seven new programs which facilitate the design of collaborative, modular and flexible spaces where creativity flows without limits.

We propose a game of tennis at the hands of Prisma, a compact table with an elegant Nordic style which represents a complex and exquisite joining system between the legs and the tabletop.

Badminton is also played with a racquet but with different timing and rhythm. It is a commitment to sophistication, expressed in a bucket seat and with a completely innovative design.

Shey transports you to a spectacle of a masterful display of synchronised swimming. Soft Seating in its pure state is the freshest and casual option to share moments of confidences, thanks to its adaptability.

Longo enjoys the subtlety and agility of gymnastics. Modular, flexible and attractive armchairs with which you can carry out as many compositions as your imagination allows.

If you are someone into contact sport, Cron is your ally for a session of martial arts. The armchair which combines security and confidence requires a managerial position, with the lightness of the chair and a new powerful upholstery made with the most advanced heat fusion processes.

Link reminds you that before any exercise it is important to warm up and stretch your muscles. Modular sound proofing panels give your space the necessary flexibility for each situation or environment.

And if you are someone that prefers to cheer, Wing offers you the best seat so that you don´t miss a single detail of the tournament. The technological evolution of the collective chair is dynamic, colourful and enthusiastic.

Activity keeps your creativity awake

We know that passion and perseverance are the keys to success. We want to be the place where you find inspiration, where creativity flows in a natural  and harmonious way. We work tirelessly to find better solutions for work environments, applying new techniques, developing new products which enable us to participate and accompany you on your way to success.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”. Pablo Picasso