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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Surf our webpage and win a TNK FLEX

Surf our webpage and win a TNK FLEX

JUNY 2016 | 2 minutes

Our webpage was designed with the use of cutting edge technology. It is clear and more dynamic than ever and adaptable to any type of device. This is Actiu’s new webpage, a space where design and visual clarity come first. Images are the main protagonist showing the importance of its products and projects.

It tries to display our products and projects with the outmost clarity; with privileged treatment to the visual side.

And in order to celebrate the update of the webpage, Actiu wants to give a present to its visitors. It invites them to a challenge: the new online version of hide an “Easter Egg”; a surprise with a challenge hidden in one of its webpage. In order to discover it, clues will be published in Actiu’s social networks within the following weeks. Those who manage to solve the challenge before the 20/07/2016 will take part in one last skills test. This will decide the winner of a fantastic TNK FLEX.

The web hides an “Easter Egg” with which you can win a TNK Flex

“We needed to redesign our webpage and adapt it to a more modern graphic language, where the image and design of our products and projects came first. The webpage, additionally, has improved the previous webpage's operational capacity”, says Soledad Berbegal, responsible for Actiu’s communication and marketing department.

With a “responsive” design, graphically adaptable to any device, Actiu’s guarantees a simple and intuitive surfing. This way, you can reach any content in only three clicks. It’s been specially designed for mobiles and tablets.

The philosophy of an adaptable design can be seen in both smart phones and tablets.

“Here in Actiu, we love playing, having fun and sharing good times. That’s why we thought of taking the opportunity given by launching our webpage to make our visitors get involved and ask them to look for the surprise hidden in it. A fantastic TNK Flex is at stake”, says Soledad.

The design of TNK Flex by Alegre Design fits like a glove to your back.

TNK Flex chair, designed by Alegre Design is the last product developed by the firm. It’s a technological evolution in the firm’s chair products due to its ergonomic design based on seating and interaction with the user. When sitting comfortably and with stability the back of the chair smartly responds by wrapping and protecting all your back. It adjusts to your back as if it was a glove.

In order to show these features Actiu has presented a new spot where TNK Flex is the main protagonist, without giving up imagination and creativity.

inspired by your movement