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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Industry enters a new sustainable, digital and transformative era

Industry enters a new sustainable, digital and transformative era

JANUARY 2022 | 3 minutes

Industry and sustainability have long ceased to be independent terms and become travel companions. When companies are committed to boosting their productive capacity, they contribute towards progress, economic growth and technological transformation.

If that industrial capacity is not based on an environmentally friendly approach, however, in which the entire project is governed by sustainability from start to finish, then the disadvantages may outweigh the benefits in the long term - for the company, for its customers and for society as a whole.

An example of the necessary union between industry and sustainability is the Actiu 7 production plant (A7), located close to the Castalla Technology Park (Alicante). These recently expanded facilities, that are specialised in the panel machining and packaging process, occupy an area of 16,500 square metres and have been designed and built in line with sustainable architecture principles and with the company's digital transformation plan.

Investing in industry, in technological advances, in machinery and in the modernisation of production processes is essential for manufacturing companies, which in doing so manage to preserve quality employment and generate wealth in their environment.

Actiu 7 has been equipped with a photovoltaic plant made up of nearly 700 solar panels, installed by the company Ijes Solar de Castalla, a collaboration that strengthens the company's commitment to the local economy. This installation will generate 466,080 kWh annually and will allow it to use 100% green energy for its operations.

This is a quality that it shares with the Actiu Technology Park, recognised with the LEED Platinum seal and which already has one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Europe, with state-of-the-art technology. This complex generates five times more energy than is required by the facilities, preventing 3,060 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from being emitted per year.

When an industrial manufacturer decides to expand its industrial capacity, it does so by considering how to enhance its quality of service, but it is also important to focus on process improvement, and on the implementation of digital technologies that allow better results to be achieved at all levels.

In this sense, Actiu 7 has adopted the Lean Methodology and incorporated the latest technologies in supply, manufacturing, management, and logistics processes that represent an additional guarantee of safety and efficiency, just how Actiu products represent a guarantee of durability and sustainability for the projects they furnish.

All the panels used in Actiu's products are produced in the new plant, the first in Spain to implement 0% formaldehyde panels as standard, meeting the emissions standards established by the US's EPA TSCA Title VI and CARB Phase II. The use of sustainable, recycled, and recyclable materials is one of Actiu's hallmarks, and the company manages to reduce the carbon footprint of the life cycle of each of its products, compared to other similar models.

These products not only help companies to obtain credits in the certification processes of the LEED and WELL seals, which determine the level of efficiency and well-being of buildings, respectively, they are also proof of everything that an innovative, powerful, and sustainable industry can do for its customers and for its environment.