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Sydney Showroom hosts an exclusive seminar on Audiovisual technology applied in the work environment

Sydney Showroom hosts an exclusive seminar on Audiovisual technology applied in the work environment

APRIL 2014 | 2 minutes

The Actiu Showroom in Sydney (Australia) hosted an exclusive seminar on the emerging Audiovisual technology in the workplace, in conjunction with the Multi-national company Panasonic.

The event which took place in the exhibition hall of the showroom for two evenings had more than one hundred participants amongst a quality field of architectural firms and well known businessmen.

Two of the leading authorities on the material in Australia were responsible for exposing the latest trends in the Audiovisual sector applied to the workplace. Richard Skarzynski, director of Total Concept Projects, has more than 30 years experience in the Audiovisual industry which includes more than 1000 projects across the Asia/Pacific region, with customers such as the Casino Crown, Westpac, IMB, Sydney Convention Centre and The Australian Defence Department.

Skarzynski analysed where we have come from, where we are today and where we are going  in the next five years and why. The speaker explained the big influence which led to the Audiovisual industry development and the rise in new technologies, such as the introduction of the laptop, tablets, as well as other digital media ranging from plasma screens, LED screens, projection screens, white boards and control systems such as AMX and Creston.

Peter Huljich, director of Business Systems for Panasonic Australia, has noted some of the trends that he believes are going to be consolidated in the near future. The Audiovisual building towards a standard Infocom and AETM, the introduction of Loop Technologies, internal and external digital signage, configuration of boardrooms and meeting rooms with electronic booking systems, wireless presentations and connectivity, ever larger screens and smaller meeting rooms, growth and consolidation of mobile video conferencing  and in general, as a direct consequence , greater global collaboration.

At the end of the conference Actiu invited all the participants to get to know its range of furniture, conceived and designed to adapt itself and complement technological advances which integrate themselves daily into the work environments.