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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
THANK YOU for allowing us to dream of becoming “European Business of the Year”

THANK YOU for allowing us to dream of becoming “European Business of the Year”

MARCH 2017 | 3 minutes

In reality, we ourselves cannot believe it. Thanks to all of you, and your votes, we have become the Spanish contender for the “European Business of the Year” in the European Business Awards. Without a doubt, this is a recognition that we could never have imagined when we decided to set out on this path in June last year. We have overcome more than 30,000 businesses from all over Europe that, in the same way as we did, introduced themselves, made a video and asked their clients, colleagues, friends and family members to give them their trust, their vote and their support.

Now, only 35 businesses remain, one for each European country to have reached the finals stage. We also have the added joy of knowing that the jury of these same awards has simultaneously chosen Vicent Berbegal to be the only Spanish candidate for “European Entrepreneur of the Year”

On the 4th May, Dubrovnik will host the awards ceremony for these prizes: prizes for which we have been nominated on two counts. Thanks to all of you and your trust, we set out on this new stage full of excitement and eagerness to win. However, we must not forget to thank all of those who have made this possible:

First of all, thanks to the Actiu family. To all of you who work every day to make this business the best in Europe and did not hesitate for a second in voting. But not only voting: in sharing all of the necessary content and convincing your friends and family members that your home, your company, deserved such an accolade.

Thanks to our friends and family. We know that there have been very elderly people who have never wanted to sit down at a computer but who, for our sake, opened up an email account so they could vote for us.

Thanks to our distributors and partners. They made this nomination their own, and spread the word between their contacts as if they were dealing with their own nomination.

Thanks to our clients. Because their vote also reflects their satisfaction in our work and their confidence in continuing to collaborate with us. 

Thanks to the associations that have been involved in this process since the very beginning and that have shared, amongst all their contacts, the importance of giving us their support. You cannot imagine how much happiness it brings us to know that we have earned the support of professional colleagues who never hesitated, for a second, to vote for us.

Thanks to our social media audience. Ever since the very first day, the response to this process has been astonishing. We have had hundreds of comments, from people who have shared our news and from those who have interacted in general, making this process more visible and in doing so, increasing the number of votes.

Thanks to the media. The vast majority of national media have taken this news on board and have helped immensely in our communication, discussing our candidacy and creating specific content for introducing our company to the entire world.

Thanks to everyone who received our messages on their mobiles and never thought twice about copying and pasting each and every one of these messages into their personal groups, making all of you a part of this process.

In the end, we may or may not become European Business of the Year, but regardless of this, the fact that we have received so much affection on the part of all of you is already more than enough for us.