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The interior design party opens its doors at the Atocha Palace

The interior design party opens its doors at the Atocha Palace

JUNY 2016 | 3 minutes

Actiu returns to CasaDecor for the second consecutive year to equip two rooms at the Casa Palacio Atocha, the building chosen this year for more than thirty designers and interior designers. The Main Auditorium, first designed by a Design School (ESNE) and coworking building, an open and collaborative workspace, undersigned by the Association of Decorators and Interior Designers, Madrid.

This year, it will be held in in the Casa Palacio de Atocha - a building from the 19th century, right in the heart of the Madrid's artistic quarter, "el Barrio de las Letras".

CasaDecor, which takes place this year from 19 May to 26 June at the Casa Palacio Atocha in Madrid, is the most exclusive event in Spain for trends and interior design. At this exhibition, the latest products are prepared for the best decorators in Spain pouring all their creativity into giving life to an entire building, designing innovative and avant-garde spaces. An event where risk is required, where creativity is a must and where the results automatically become a trend.

Actiu has provided furniture for the auditorium which, designed by students from the ESNE, brings together the more traditional and the most avant-garde materials.

In the Auditorium, solved in an exemplary manner by the students of an Interior Design  Degree ESNE, Maria Anton, one of its creators, explained the work process: "The first thing we did when facing an auditorium was to ensure the acoustics. So we chose sound-absorbing materials for the walls and floor. A special note is provided by a false ceiling designed by us and covered with fabrics that increase in the form of arches and give rhythm to the space. A construction of cotton and missal, materials associated with more traditional shops in Madrid and which clash with the other elements of the space, more technological. With regards to this, we wanted to have the Wing chair by Actiu for its innovation which is the aspect that marks this chair and which is a new way to manufacture chairs in a lightweight, stackable and comfortable way. The colours of the cottons, white, mustard and grey, also coincide with the shades of chairs shown".

In the design of coworking, carried out in collaboration with the Official School of Decorators and Interior Designers in Madrid, have also installed two of the boldest furniture programs by Actiu: the Badminton and Longo sofa, a modular system of microarchitecture that allows you to create different positions, where tables, sofas, storage solutions and even plants are combined. The result is a small but cosy office which could well be found in any modern home.

For this new edition, the building 34, Casa Palacio Atocha was refurbished, a building built in 1857, probably on the former site of the Madalena of Patience Convent, founded in 1560 and demolished in 1836. Until the year 2006, when it underwent its last remodeling, the building had undergone countless renovations, extensions and repairs and was in an advanced state of deterioration.

Until 26 June coming through the doors means entering a unique world of trends and developments in the world of decoration. A trip that combines all kinds of styles, tastes and designs but where good taste and elegance is never needed.