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The world of 3D design comes together at Actiu Showroom Madrid

The world of 3D design comes together at Actiu Showroom Madrid

APRIL 2013 | 2 minutes

Last Friday 26 April, training on the most popular software in the world for 3D interior design, Pcon.planner, took place at Actiu Showroom Madrid, based on German technology developed by the company Eastern Graphics.

More than eighty interested people attended the seminar where they could see for the first time the features of this tool that works with DWG native format, high performance, ease of use to develop interior design projects. Pcon Planner, is now an internationally recognised program with more than 1.000.000 downloads, used by many leading designers of space, and is appreciated by the field of architecture and interior design.

During the seminar, the agenda was pretty tight; at the beginning there was a welcome by Actiu, who explained the business philosophy of the brand and then Miguel Oliveira, Managing Director of EasternGraphic, who conducted the training session. It comprised of the objectives of the program pCon planner, intelligent libraries, graphical configuration of products, ways of inserting geometries into projects and finally he explained the features of the latest version 6.5, 6.6 and PRO. During the break, the attendees were able to enjoy a coffee break, where the majority took advantage of asking questions and networking.

Actiu, pioneering its use in Spain started using Actiu Planner (PconPlanner with Actiu product) in 2007, creating an internal department which has provided over the years an integral service and complete library, in addition to providing technical assistance in the use of the program. According to the testimony of Oliveira from EasternGraphics ; “Actiu understood the potential of the program and launched this business project that adds value to values promoted by its company; design, functionality and efficiency in the workplace.”

With this and other initiatives undertaken by Actiu in their showrooms, the company intends to be dynamic and provides activity to its exhibitive spaces, converting the places “live” where they can debate and communicate about design, sustainability and innovation.