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Home Office: how to work from home with the same productivity and efficiency

Home Office: how to work from home with the same productivity and efficiency

MARCH 2020 | 3 minutes

Sometimes external factors force companies, of all sectors and sizes, to change their working methods and to adapt, for example, remote working. A trend that has been making headway in recent years thanks to the implementation of new, more flexible and agile working philosophies based on people, ideas, projects and objectives.

This new way of working, together with the measures taken by some corporations to limit travel due to the climate emergency and the new needs of entrepreneurs who require more human environments, have led many people to work from their own Home Office. The atypical situation that the world is experiencing for health reasons has accelerated this process and has put at-home workspaces in the spotlight along with the challenges they pose.

New digital tools together with hyperconnectivity also encourage this working formula, whether it is full or part time. In this sense, they become essential 'time management' software, which allows time management and productivity monitoring or those necessary for videoconferencing in the best conditions.

It is important to be clear that working from home does not mean working alone or individually. Companies still have a key value in teams and group work, so virtual meetings and smooth communication are particularly important.

In response to this need, it is also essential to organize the team, schedule specific meetings and telephone conversations and, also, have the necessary tools so that each team member can transparently present their schedule and the tasks they are continuously performing to the rest. There must be a suitable protocol to share files and resources online and easily. It is about generating new work dynamics where nothing is left to chance.

To maintain the effectiveness and productivity of each team member it is equally important that they have a space in their homes, a specific Home Office space, that shares certain characteristics with traditional offices: comfortable, isolated spaces that encourage concentration and creativity and where it can be easily kept tidy.

Furniture plays a key role here: it is not enough to put the computer in the first free space in the house; it needs to be adapted to a specific place to work with a desk and chair adapted to the needs of each user and with all the accessories required throughout the working day.

One of the most important elements is to have ergonomic furniture, as it is advisable that any workplace at home has the same guaranteed well-being and functionality as in the office. Comfort should therefore be the main factor when deciding on an office chair. Options such as Stay, Trimy TNK Flex take care of your back and general posture and are very comfortable during long working days.

The same goes for the desk. Choose the desk that suits your needs in terms of both size and height without ruling out versatile and flexible options such as Talent and Mobility, height-adjustable desks that can become the ideal companion for different tasks. For the home, it is also useful to be able to fold and easily move the desk in order to optimize the space.

Also, the need to hold virtual meetings and regular video conferences - via screen or mobile phone - with colleagues, clients and suppliers means that the space needs to have a certain amount of privacy and acoustic insulation. Choosing acoustic panels will make things easier for those who have a Home Office installed in a circulation area or in a room shared with other uses. Softseating solutions such as the Noom collection can also complement an environment with disconnection and communication points in case of visits.

Creating a space with natural light, adding vegetation and carefully picking the colours and the right organization systems in order to keep things tidy are other issues that must be taken into account when designing an efficient and comfortable Home Office environment, suitable for the new ways of working.


Sometimes external factors force companies, of all sectors and sizes, to change their working methods and adapt by, for example, implementing teleworking.

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