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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
María Lapiedra

Lelien is a communication agency specialising in design and culture with more than ten years of experience. Le Lien (link in French) is a union, a line, a link that unites companies with the media, designers with companies, people with people, in short. As an agency, they believe in the power of design as a weapon to change the world and they specialise in telling the importance of design. To the media and the general public. And in being a tool to publicise the professionals who make it possible, the companies that are committed to it and the success stories that work.

The Lelien team is made up of people with training and experience in communication, both in the media and in press offices and agencies. Together, they have more than 40 years dedicated to developing strategies, writing content, disseminating information... in short, dedicated to telling the world stories that deserve to be told.

All this accumulated work experience and the lessons learned have earned Lelien a place of her own in the world of design, but without fear of embarking on projects of all kinds, in permanent contact with journalists and media specialising in design, culture, economics, local information or technology.

To get this far, it has not been enough to master content writing from a formal point of view, but it is also necessary to optimise writing so that the texts have the greatest possible impact in terms of their destination. A press release that dazzles the journalist, a blog article that ranks in Google search engines and an Instagram post that gets conversions. In both cases, quality content is paramount.