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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Juny 2024 | 25 minutes

ARQUEHA is an architectural studio formed by its two founding partners and a multipurpose group of 40 professionals in architecture, urban planning and interior design. It has 20 years of experience in construction with numerous works and projects carried out, including large housing developments, service buildings, both in the public and private sector, exclusive single-family homes and building refurbishment.

Estudio Integral de Arquitectura y Urbanismo

The new Arqueha offices, located at Calle Marvá 13, are a project started in 2021, which transformed an industrial building built in 1940 with a surface area of 1,100m2, located inside a block courtyard in the Arrancapins neighbourhood, into a new focus of activity.


A building with a central open space, meeting rooms, Qyos spaces and booths to improve concentration, co-working spaces, service area and backyard to promote team wellbeing and productivity.

A taste for detail and good design.

The studio is responsible for innovating and training its team in technology and new methodologies, integrating sustainability and wellbeing in its projects, carrying out comprehensive project management.

In addition, the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology facilitates the continuous introduction of improvements both in terms of energy efficiency and in the work process.

Outstanding Projects

- Benicalap: A pioneering neighbourhood in Valencia that aspires to be climate neutral, integrating sustainability and energy efficiency strategies.
- Hotel Vincci Lys, Valencia: A boutique hotel that stands out for its elegant and contemporary design.
- Sistar Cohabitatge: A place to live in that is adapted to your current and future needs, sustainable and healthy....
- New Edicom Offices: A unique architectural design that showcases the company's distinctive technology and cutting edge.
- Viokox Headquarters: A renewed image, modern offices where creativity and collective workspaces play an important role in the conception of the offices.
- Ikon Tower: Thanks to the association of the developer Kronos Homes, in close collaboration between Arqueha and Ricardo Bofill's studio (RBTA), they have obtained as a result an exceptional building that combines the architect's legacy with a contemporary vision of architecture.

Behind each project developed at ARQUEHA there is a dynamic, efficient and technological group of people, committed, with experience and capacity, a guarantee to be able to materialise the projects with guarantees. Our concern for quality results in a tailor-made, ethical, realistic architecture adapted to the needs of each client. We are a team of architects with attitude.

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