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May 2018 | 3 minutes
The new Sipcam offices
dynamic and collaborative

The views are spectacular from the seventh floor of the Nuevo Centro building in Valencia. And its exactly those views that are enjoyed by the new Sipcam company offices, which have been completely refurbished to enhance the light, natural ventilation and create a work environment that is dynamic, collaborative, and fluid between all the various departments and operational levels.

These offices (a project carried out by Oficines and equipped with furniture from Actiu) are the Spanish headquarters of the multinational company Sipcam in Spain, a research company dedicated to the marketing of plant protection, nutritional and fertiliser products.

The Stay chairs, Vital Plus tables and the Pedestals are the common denominators for work areas around the financial, commercial, operations and marketing departments.

A comprehensive solution that combines effectiveness, productivity and ergonomics. Adjustable pieces that promote a good posture. Moreover, in response to the specific needs of the company, work stations have been designed that are more flexible and free for itinerant staff, whether they are commercial managers from different parts of Spain, manufacturing staff that come into the offices, or even employees from other countries, given that the Sipcam parent company has its headquarters in Italy.

The corporate image and its distinctive green colour has in turn manifested itself in the furniture finishes, on the seating upholstery and on the sound-absorbent panels that separate the different work stations, for example.

That colour green reflects the company's environmental commitment, whose factory is located in Sueca, right in the middle of the Albufera national park. In addition, soundproofing has been one of the main premises of this refurbishment, equipping the ceilings with acoustic absorption panels.

Nature also has a place in these offices with plants and a vertical garden that frame the reception area of this company, which sells its products throughout Spain, France, north Africa and Mexico. Sipcam's commitment to the protection of the environment has led them to install water fountains in the offices, replace plastic bottles and to set up paper recycling areas.

The Bend programme has been installed in the reception area of these offices,  to create a relaxed, elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

The general concept for these office renovations is for open spaces and visual continuity. So the teams share a large open space, subtly segmented by separators. Each team and their manager are visually connected through executive offices separated from the rest only by glass panels.

Each of these offices has its own meeting space with a screen for international video-conferences. Despite the physical and metaphorical transparency of the interior design, greater privacy is also possible with the blinds that have beem installed in each one of them. The CEO has a separate office.

On another level, specifically the sixth floor of the building, the company has a lobby to receive visitors, as well as a kitchen area and meeting spaces which provide greater privacy from the daily bustle of work.

The remodelling process for these offices was carried out over a period of six months in which the whole team – about fifty people - were moved to different floors of the same building. Some essentially different offices were subsequently reincorporated. Panelled offices give way to a much more communicative, dynamic, open and fluid space, that includes a perimeter composed of passages that allows workers to circulate arounb and to enjoy light and natural ventilation.

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