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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Juny 2020 | 2 minutes

Alixan, a town in the department of Drôme in the south-east of France, has been chosen by Solystic, a leading company in providing logistics solutions for the sorting, automation and distribution of parcels, for its new headquarters in France.

With a team of 250 people, most of them belonging to generations X and Y, Solystic boasts a 'flat' business organisation with very little hierarchy, which gives workers great decision-making capacity and autonomy. A 'horizontal' work philosophy is reflected in offices that are largely designed to be open and free-flowing.

This time, Actiu has worked closely with its client and the architectural firm responsible for the project, Workfriendly. The firm has furnished the corporate spaces for the offices and the cafeteria with some of its solutions.

The choice of furniture has played a key role in achieving a warm and contemporary atmosphere, where earthy and oaky tones are combined with brushstrokes of brighter colours, such as blue, green and orange.

To meet Solystic's needs, which required large, robust and aesthetically pleasing workstations, the open space has been largely furnished with the Vital Plus ST and Mobility height-adjustable system in order to ensure employees' postural mobility, by allowing them to work both standing and seated.

Although in the open space most of the positions have been designed to be fixed, specific areas have also been reserved for hot desks and others for socialising or informal meetings.

Although at first, the client conveyed their need to have a large amount of filing cabinets, the Virtual Reality proposal shown by Actiu made them reconsider their idea and reduce the height of the modular cabinets, thus achieving a greater feeling of spaciousness.

In addition to shared offices for managers, small "Bubble Rooms" have been created for quick, informal meetings or phone calls where greater privacy is needed. Simple Tabula tables and a touch of elegance and warmth that the chair Noom brings, have a distinctive feel thanks to the colour of the carpets and upholstery.

For face-to-face or online meetings, small meeting or video conference rooms have been designed for small groups of people.

Greater elegance and sophistication characterize the two VIP rooms for senior manager meetings. The uneven geometry of one of the tables allows all users to see the screen perfectly from any position.

In the same colours and natural materials as the offices, and with an outdoor patio to enjoy the outdoors, the cafeteria has very different atmospheres. It allows workers to hold informal meetings or simply enjoy a drink while taking a break.

Comfortable and practical workplaces and plenty of socializing areas define the new Solystic offices. A space where work sheds its serious and conventional side to bring a contemporary, dynamic and healthy atmosphere in a brand-new building.

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