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Actiu has developed a standard solution that is tailored to meet the corporate needs requested by the oil company

Tullow Oil Kenya
December 2014 | 3 minutes

Tullow Oil plc is a multi-national oil and gas exploration company founded in Tullow, Ireland and which has Headquarters in London, The United Kingdom. It has more than 120 licences which operate in 22 countries in Africa and the Atlantic area. Tullow has operated in Kenya since 2010 and maintains a close relationship with what it called the 'host countries' via a commitment called "Creating shared prosperity".

Since the first project carried out three years ago for their Dublin offices, Actiu has an agreement with Tullow to furnish any new installation in the company. Actiu has developed a standard solution that is tailored to meet the corporate needs requested by the oil company. Furthermore, each new installation requires a personalised study of the specific characteristics of each space in order to adapt the equipment.

The new offices in Nairobi, Kenya, had specific conditions and in which, the wiring for the operational positions descends from the ceiling. Actiu has adjusted the product, in this case the Vital Plus desk, so that the cables descend to the workplace and integrate without conflict in each operating position, reaching the cable tray located under each desk.

To resolve this question we have also added an oval column and an extruded aluminium gap which is completely fused to the table, and which has an incision that fits perfectly to the column. This is secured through special connectors that attach both the Split desktop screen as well as the frame of the desk.

The main challenge in this project was to integrate the column into the system without losing functionality which the furniture offers, for example, such as the movement of the desktop on Vital Plus desks for optimal cable management.

The final result was very satisfactory for both parties, being an open, bright, clear and very operational work area. Apart from installing the Vital Plus desks and the Split desktop screens, which retain a degree of privacy and separate environments, the furniture was complemented with cabinets at the same height as the desk in each position. Similarly, the Stay task chair whose back support, made of technical fabric, and anatomical headrests provide great comfort to the user.

For the different meeting rooms we have installed the Trama desk, which combines functionality of its folding surface with the mobility provided by its wheels. In this way the user can opt for the most appropriate configuration on every occasion. To complete the distribution the versatile Confident chair with its monoblock back and seat and cantilever structure gives it great stability and comfort.

Another version of meeting rooms, in this case smaller, has been designed with the operative and executive Stay chair. In this project, it should be noted that all the upholstery is the same colour, electric blue which characterises the corporate image of Tullow Oil.

The company has a kitchen and dining area for all its employees. In this area Actiu has placed the high stool version Mit of the program for communities and the Dynamic desk, also in its high version generating a versatile and more relaxed meeting point.

Moreover, we have reserved various spaces for large capacity filing areas, placing different cabinets in groups which form ordered islands, which keep the rest of the spacious environment and offer a dynamic installation.

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