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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
The elegance of industrial style
Designed by Ramón Esteve

Meetia is more than a collection of sofas, it's a statement of style and functionality. With its oak or fabric effect exterior and softly upholstered interior in fully sustainable fabrics, each Meetia piece is like a welcoming embrace.

Wide Range

This collection offers a complete range of products designed to meet the needs of contemporary spaces, single, double, triple sofas and benches.

Industrial style

The Meetia collection fuses the elegance of industrial style with the functionality of furniture designed especially for the hospitality and contract sector. With an aesthetic that combines the robustness characteristic of industrial style with carefully crafted details, these sofas and armchairs stand out for their sophistication and versatility.

Versatile stability

Robustness is another outstanding quality of this furniture, thanks to its consolidated structure that guarantees stability even in environments of intensive use. In addition, they offer a variety of finishes to suit different tastes and styles, from single-colour and two-colour upholstery to mixed finishes with oak exterior coating and tubular finishes with epoxy paints.

Timeless and unique

The Meetia collection, with its thoughtful design and attention to detail, is an ideal choice for those looking for furniture that combines style, comfort and durability. They also offer a variety of finishes to suit different tastes and styles, from single and two-tone upholstery to mixed finishes with oak veneers and tubular finishes.

Tubular structure

The tubular steel frame around the perimeter gives distinction and character to each piece in the collection, while the sheathed seat, made from high quality materials such as beech wood and 30 kg density foam, ensures optimum comfort for those who enjoy it.

Design Meets


Signature design
Ramón Esteve

"We have worked together refining the intuition of the initial design that has finally materialised thanks to the industry. In Meetia, all the creativity, energy and know-how of both parties converge to give life to a piece that aims to be extremely simple. The interesting thing about it is that it is familiar, but somehow it surprises you".

Ramón Esteve