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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.

A multi-purpose table that adapts to the needs of any space

The age of collective intelligence
Visual lightness, structural robustness

The tables that make up the Colectiva range have been designed to adapt to spaces for collaboration and concentration, whether for corporate, training or home office purposes.

Colectiva is the smart choice for furnishing any contemporary space: a collection of quality tables capable of providing multiple solutions at a competitive price.

The Colectiva range is characterised by a rational design of straight lines combined with differentiating and modern finishes according to the needs of each space.
Colectiva offers all its versatility to any workspace, be it individual or collective, in a meeting room, multifunctional space or even a home office.
educational spaces

The different configurations of the Colectiva range allow its tables to be adapted to the needs of each educational space; a flexible concept capable of creating productive learning environments in multi-purpose classrooms, libraries, universities, colleges and schools.

no project is too small

Even the youngest children have a Colectiva solution for their project work. The range features an innovative size 4 active learning table to fill early childhood classrooms with design.

leisure and relaxation spaces

Technology and social changes are modifying how collective spaces are used. Colectiva is a safe bet for leisure and relaxation spaces such as hotels, to set up areas where you can connect to work remotely or even hold work meetings.