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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.

Showroom Barcelona

Barcelona furniture Showroom

Showroom Actiu Showroom Barcelona

Carrer Tuset, 10 - 4º 3ª
08006 Barcelona

Register your visit to see our new facilities, designed in collaboration with Isern Serra, under the Mediterranean spirit and the Cool Working philosophy. You can also call 932 093 596 to book your visit.

Actiu Showroom Barcelona

The Actiu Showroom in Barcelona, located at Calle Tuset 10, is right in the heart of the city, connected to one of the main thoroughfares, Avenida Diagonal.
It is situated in a reference area where historic buildings of great architectural value, important corporate spaces, and top-tier creative environments converge.
The new showroom is not only a product and brand exhibition room but also a comfortable, modern, and dynamic work environment used by the Barcelona Sales and Project Development team.
A very bright and attractive space that has been designed by Isern Serra taking into account every detail in mind to offer a friendly, comfortable, and flexible place for work, meetings, and reflection, where the well-being of people is paramount.

Actiu furniture showroom in Barcelona, the Ideal environment for Inspiration

In the heart of the city, we find the Actiu Barcelona Showroom, which in a bright and spacious area, gathers the latest trends in office furniture.
Visiting this environment is the perfect opportunity to firsthand experience the latest designs from a market-leading brand with over 50 years of experience in the sector. Don't forget to make an appointment in advance.
Discover the Barcelona office furniture, specially designed to adapt to any space, from traditional offices to more modern work environments. Book a Visit

Furniture in Barcelona with a chameleonic spirit

The versatility of Actiu's furniture is the essence that has accompanied the brand for over half a century. We design it paying attention to every detail in order to meet the needs of our users.

From armchairs in rest areas to office tables with various features for meeting rooms or offices, they are available to visitors of the Showroom in Barcelona. In addition, all the furniture is adaptable for all kinds of socialization environments that invite dynamic and flexible work development.