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ArchiCAD library

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Download the ArchiCAD libraries of ACTIU products and design, visualize and realize your architectural and interior design projects.

ArchiCAD libraries for office furniture

Access a selection of essential resources at no cost. Expand your creative possibilities with our essential office furniture resources and explore new ideas to create stunning projects.

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ArchiCAD libraries: facilitating collaboration and presentation

Effective communication is key in any architectural and interior design project. Sometimes, architectural and interior design ideas can be challenging to convey. In such situations, elements like ArchiCAD libraries simplify the visualization of these complex concepts. From technical diagrams to virtual models, our clear and detailed models help convey your ideas effectively. Our ArchiCAD libraries are designed to facilitate collaboration and enhance presentation. Incorporate our detailed furniture models into your presentations to create projects as faithful as possible to their future final result. Additionally, this approach helps better capture the desired concept and enhances collaboration among team members, ensuring that everyone is on the same page from the beginning.