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AutoCAD library

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Get the AutoCAD libraries of ACTIU products and create your interior design and architecture projects.

AutoCAD libraries: explore a world of resources

Our AutoCAD library is particularly popular among interior designers and architects looking to add a stylized touch to their projects with furniture resources. Explore our range of options, from ergonomic chairs to tables and auditorium seats, all designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space.

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Enhance your project with our AutoCAD libraries for projects

At Actiu we understand the importance of visualization in design. That's why we have developed our exclusive 3D AutoCAD library. This collection includes a variety of three-dimensional models that allow you to explore your designs from every possible angle. In our AutoCAD library, you can find all kinds of furniture elements to take your ideas to new heights of realism and detail. Discover how our resources can simplify your work and allow you to focus on what you do best: designing incredible spaces and functionality without financial constraints.