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Actiu participates in an active way during Architecture Week

Actiu participates in an active way during Architecture Week

OCTOBER 2014 | 3 minutes

The first Monday of every October The Worldwide Architecture Day  is held, an essential date for the renewal of the role of architects in the vitality of the cities and the welfare of its citizens. There are many official schools and organisations which take advantage of Architecture Week to carry out activities focused on the disclosure and training of architecture for the whole public, and remarkably every year a successful participation and even more attendance from the public. Actiu agreed to some of these projects supporting initiatives starting with local ones until the national ones.

Along with the Official school of Architecture in the Valencian Community (COACV), Actiu sponsored three infant architectural workshops where construction, imagination, shape sorters and the identification of colours were the biggest challenges for children between 1 and 12 years old. These workshops, which took place in public spaces, in an itinerant way, were carried out in Alicante, Castellón and Valencia. With a successful participation which beat all expectations of the organisers, the children learned how to use all of their creativity and imagination to build their favourite homes. From drawings, cardboard boxes and LEGO, the youngest were able to enjoy some small scale construction.  The activity, open to all and free, was a perfect experience for the children to develop their imagination, fundamental in all architectonic processes.

These infant workshops were added to the activities organised by the COACV which lasted eight days and where more than 2.500 people participated. Guided tours of Valencia´s main buildings and monuments, exhibitions, conferences, gastronomic routes and screenings were some of the different activities carried out in those days and were designed for all the public from professional architecture to outsiders who wanted to get closer to it.

As part of Architecture Week but in this case in Madrid, in particular in the Cibeles centre, all the activities related to architecture organised by the Official School of Architects in Madrid and the Architecture Foundation COAM. The Cibeles centre is the third most visited building in Madrid, just behind The Prado and the Thyssen. In the last few weeks, as well as the guided visits, different exhibitions which reflect architecture, workshops and presentations, were held and which inaugurated a new room fully equipped with Actiu furniture. In that space, ETSAM ( Superior Technical School of Architecture in Madrid) have exhibited a simple their best proposals and projects from the latest curse of pupils in the school, work which reflects collaboration and development.

Finally and also in Madrid, The Roca Gallery in Madrid, the deadline for the presentation of models from the workshop on trans-membrane computing which was carried out at the beginning of September was extended and which was organised by the Architectural Association in London and The European University in Madrid. These models, created from a workshop in which Actiu participated as a collaborator, are a sample of how we can develop new flexible structures leading to ephemeral buildings adaptable to the needs of each space and use. An excellent opportunity to learn new constructive ways that leading architects have already used in many of their current buildings.