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Back to work with wellbeing wherever you are

Back to work with wellbeing wherever you are

SEPTEMBER 2021 | 3 minutes

Facing a new work season can be an exciting prospect but also a costly and complicated task. This last year and a half has expanded the boundaries of what was once considered a traditional workspace. The office, the home office, coworking spaces and work areas in hotels and coffee shops have, for example, become a constant in the daily lives of many people.

The environment may change, but certain needs remain, such as those for comfort, functionality, ergonomics and, above all, wellbeing. This applies to both work and learning, especially at a time when students and employees are resuming their normal activities after the summer holidays.

ESNE, Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología.

In addition to the imperatives of safety, hygiene and social distancing which are here to stay, we must include the need to implement agile methodologies that reflect these new times. And to do this, regardless of the environment in question, we must furnish the spaces with furniture and equipment that ensure wellbeing and that provide tools to improve the day-to-day life of those who use them.

This need for wellbeing is shared in offices, homes and in third spaces as well, those leisure and work-oriented environments that have been gaining even more importance in recent years. The three trends coexist and feed off each other in this new reality.

Solystic offices, France.

If individual work requires the necessary conditions for concentration, privacy and comfort, teamwork requires areas in which members can share ideas safely and comfortably. Actiu brought all this knowledge and experience to life with its Cool Working® philosophy, a support process for companies, where it works with companies in configuring their workspaces in the most efficient and diverse way possible. It also takes into account the fact that no two projects or two days are alike.

Luxurycomm offices, Madrid.

Hence, spaces for professional work, regardless of where they are located, require solutions that provide a diverse set of responses on a day-to-day basis to optimise each square metre. As a result, Actiu has designed and manufactured new elements that allow the space to be adapted in a simple and efficient way to the long list of tasks that arise throughout the workday.

How many offices can fit inside your office?

The Agile collection includes functional pieces that are based on the premise of adaptability and care for people's wellbeing. These solutions include mobile panels (which can be used as a whiteboard), auxiliary tables, tiers and decorative sound absorbing panels. The Lockers also combine storage capacity with a design that can define spaces, thus generating traffic areas within the office.

By using these elements, it is possible to separate a meeting area from an open workspace in a matter of minutes, and even create an area for spontaneous interactions, which help ignite people's creative spark without disturbing the rest of the team's ability to concentrate.

These elements complement Actiu's solutions that are designed and manufactured for professional environments and that, in recent times, have extended their scope of action to increasingly diverse environments. Actiu's INOUT concept, in collaboration with SINMAS Studio, is designed precisely to furnish multipurpose indoor and outdoor environments that can accommodate a variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis.

From coffee shops that are used for impromptu meetings, hotel rooms where you can check an urgent report, and corridors where you can sit down for a video call, these types of spaces are all gaining importance. In all of them, it is essential to take care of the wellbeing of their users through the furniture and management of the space to ensure optimal conditions for parameters such as light, ventilation, temperature and humidity through the use of tools such as Gaia by Actiu®.

Technology, comfort and functionality lay the foundations for wellbeing this season in work and shared spaces. An essential type of wellbeing that needs to be considered in order to be able to devise and promote collaborative projects wherever you may be.