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Designing spaces that take care of people based on usage data

Designing spaces that take care of people based on usage data

JUNY 2021 | 3 minutes

Design makes it possible to achieve welcoming, useful and pleasant spaces with solutions for different needs within the same environment. In the last year, common design strategies for healthcare spaces have been applied to work and leisure spaces to readapt them to hygiene, safety and social distancing measures, and to the new ways in which they are being used.

Now, at a time when many companies are going back to the office and with summer just around the corner, hotels and companies are seeking a design solution that allows them to take care of their users while, at the same time, offering them an environment that transmits well-being and functionality as well as getting the most out of every square metre.

The latest trend in interior design is the ‘Evidence-Based-Design’ concept. A method that combines qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine which spaces are relevant, to what extent and what the people who are going to use them expect. By analysing how an environment is used, how people move within it, their expectations and needs, the key areas and the equipment they require can be determined.

Domum Space, Hospital del Mar

Actiu has been studying how spaces work for years within the framework of its Cool Working by Actiu®  philosophy, that entails a process of analysis, advice and support that identifies the needs of each company and comes up with the most optimal solution, taking into account the space, how it is to be used, the aesthetics and, of course, the functionality of the product to be implemented. Because a well-designed workspace takes into account where employees spend the most time, who interacts with whom, what equipment should be better connected and what kind of environments employees require in their day-to-day work.

These principles geared towards people's well-being are increasingly being rolled out in the hospitality environment, thanks to the contribution of designers and furniture manufacturers who create comfortable and transversal solutions, capable of being used for different purposes.

The key is to focus on the physical, psychological and social impact that a given space has on the people who use it over a certain period of time, whether continuous or sporadic. And in this regard, in addition to qualitative data, interior designers and facility managers also need to apply quantitative data in their decision making to improve the well-being of their facilities.

To enable these improvements, Gaia by Actiu®, a smart platform for real-time measurement of parameters such as temperature, humidity, sound, light, human presence, air quality and PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulate matter, has been developed. Objective information through usage data that is used to make decisions when designing spaces.

Gaia by Actiu®, also the result of the knowledge acquired by Actiu during its LEED and WELL Platinum certification processes, seeks to identify what companies need and provide them with the technical tools that, together with the Cool Working by Actiu® accompaniment process, help them to achieve efficient and motivating environments with the focus on user well-being.