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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Endless Mediterranean, new airs for hospitality spaces

Endless Mediterranean, new airs for hospitality spaces

SEPTEMBER 2022 | 4 minutes

The beauty of the Mediterranean and its healthy lifestyle have given rise to a way of creating, of designing based on colours, light and its landscapes as inspiration to conceive pieces that provide wellbeing and comfort to enjoy spaces more than ever. This is the proposal that Actiu will show at the next Habitat fair in Valencia, where it will exhibit how its designs transform contract spaces, managing to integrate a wide variety of uses, and allowing to generate emotions and unique experiences.

Versatile pieces of furniture that include the Fluit chair, the 100% sustainable Mediterranean chair, certified by GreenWorld Compounding. Fluit, designed by the Italian studio Archirivolto Design, will share the space with the new Bee chair, a personal project and design by the founder of Actiu, Vicent Berbegal, and the new Tubbe modular shelving unit.

The soft seating solutions will also be complemented by the Noom collection, a friendly and elegant design by Alegre Design that personalises the space for new uses and diverse needs in hospitality environments. They will be complemented by other Actiu solutions for contract, including programmes such as Karbon, Longo, Bend, Badminton and Wing as well as Arkitek and Twist in their contract versions.

Nature, wellbeing and technology at the service of space and user experience will be cross-cutting concepts shared by the two Actiu spaces at Hábitat, both designed by Isern Serra.

At Actiu’s Stand C40 (Pavilion N3-P1), a variety of welcoming and functional spaces will be configured, whose uses are increasingly interwoven into the hospitality setting. Environments where people can converse, socialise, read, work and enjoy a pleasant dinner within the framework of the hotel. The details and lighting of the space evoke a dreamlike architecture that blends in with the surroundings.

At the entrance of pavilion N3-P1, another Actiu space, an avant-garde Infinity Room will invite visitors to a new experience, in which digital art, together with design and technology, allow us to connect with our emotions.  The audiovisual content of this space has been created by Alba de la Fuente, an architect specialising in the conceptualisation and visualisation of imaginary architecture.

But Actiu's furniture will go far beyond these two spaces, thanks to its close collaboration with Valencia World Design Capital 2022 and other entities, such as the Official College of Interior Designers of the Valencian Community (CDICV)

Specifically, Actiu has equipped the CDICV stand and the outdoor area of the "Interior Design and Health" congress, in collaboration with Teika and Zumex to create a collaborative and social space for wellbeing and comfort. The event will be held on the 21st and 22nd and will be attended, among others, by the palaeontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga, the psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos and the architect Benedetta Tagliabue.

In the talks area of Nude, Actiu will also be leading meetings on design, space and wellbeing. The first will take place on Wednesday 21 September with the round table "Contract design capable of transmitting emotions" with the participation of Matilde Sessolo from Archivolto Design, Isern Serra, Cutu Mazuelos from Stone Design and Gemma Alfaro from Alfaro - Manrique Atelier.

On Thursday 22nd, the Nude space will be the meeting point for Women in Office Design (WOD) and its colloquium "Hybrid work and life models" in which professional women in the field of space design will share their points of view on the links between people and the new professional spaces.

Another of the Hábitat events that Actiu has worked on is the presentation of the book "Office as a Tribe" by the Mexican architect Juan Carlos Baumgartner; it is a work that reflects on the importance of space as a generator of new experiences, managing to provide wellbeing, create a sense of belonging and team spirit - which he calls the 'tribe'.

Actiu's furniture will have a prominent presence at Hábitat, but it will not be limited to the interior of Feria Valencia, but will go further afield, inhabiting other parts of the city as part of Valencia World Design Capital 2022. In addition to the Ágora in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where Fluit chairs have welcomed visitors to its different activities, Actiu furniture will also be the protagonist at the Carme Centre de Cultura Contemporánea (CCCC) through the event Endless Mediterranean; sustainability and design by Actiu.

Specifically, on Tuesday 20th, the Archirivolto team will present Fluit in an event that will include an audiovisual composition and a wine of honour at the CCCC, whose inner courtyard library has been equipped by Actiu.

An event that will connect Actiu's vision of the future with its values and philosophy, as a furniture manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience and a brand committed to design and to Valencia World Design Capital 2022, of which it is the driving force.