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How can we increase well-being in the work place?

How can we increase well-being in the work place?

MARCH 2020 | 2 minutes

Creating a working environment that brings together the corporate objectives and goals with its workers’ satisfaction and well-being is already one of the main objectives of many companies. Ideas and innovative projects, as well as smart collaboration between teams, technology and people are part of a new style of working.

It is more agile and flexible, and this formula also transcends concepts such as space and time, and it shows how work doesn’t have to be linked to a certain time or place. Whether it be in the office, a co-working space, a hotel lobby or even from your own home office, workers must take advantage of all the physical and digital tools available to create a more human atmosphere.

Teleworking, a formula that is now on the rise as a result of climate change and the current health emergency that the world is experiencing, also requires suitable and flexible equipment in homes in order to maintain effectiveness and productivity, enhancing the space.

In this sense, Actiu, whose origins are specifically linked to home offices with its first piece of furniture being for personal computers, has been developing a decalogue based on its experience to create an optimum and comfortable working environment at home.

In order to respond to all these needs, Actiu is designing and manufacturing ergonomic and versatile ranges that can be used in both conventional offices, such as co-working spaces, or at a home office. Adjustable tables and adjustable task seating allow workers to work either standing up or sitting down, and it therefore improves their health as they can adapt the space to their needs. 

Besides proposals for soft-seating, which are associated with relaxation and informal meetings, they include allusions to a domestic environment within the work space, with the so-called Coffice or Work Café.

The improvement on acoustic comfort by way of customisable sound-insulating solutions; the incorporation of technology into the furniture; or the removal of toxic materials such as formaldehyde from the furniture in order to comply with the strictest of  sustainability criteria; these are other key aspects to improving well-being and comfort for the workers.

Collaboration, connectivity, ergonomics, mobility and versatility are some of the concepts that define Actiu’s furniture the most, designed as a tool that will transform the working space  which adapts to both the work ethos and needs of each client, and the technical and spatial requirements of each project. 

With a large catalogue of solutions designed by people for people, a great industrial capacity and a wide knowledge of interior design, as well as a head office, its Technological Park in Castalla, built as the first industrial building in the world to be granted the Leed and Well Platinum certificates, Actiu now wants to help other companies to implement healthy and sustainable work places.