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How to choose the right desk for you

How to choose the right desk for you

JUNY 2019 | 3 minutes

Although we could be forgiven for thinking of a table as being just four legs and a surface on top and assuming that we can work anywhere, in reality, that is not the case. The height of the table, its dimensions, functionalities and even its structure are key issues when it comes to comfort and working in the best possible way.

Hence the importance of knowing the different desk options out there and choosing each one for the job or the function that it will perform. A fixed workspace is not the same as a meeting room, a multifunctional space or a home office. Each desk responds to specific needs, with a design designed to improve its functionality, whether individual or collective, but this must all be thought out beforehand.

According to the Director of Innovation at the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV), Rosa Porcar, chairs and tables should allow the human body to move naturally, avoiding prolonged static postures. Hence, height adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular, as well as individual tables with hidden wiring that have direct and individual access to storage and sound-absorbing panels to improve privacy.

If the desks include different work stations, the height should be able to be adjusted individually for each person, with a specific outlet for electrical connections and storage spaces. The fact that each employee can adjust the height of the table as they wish, regardless of the height chosen by their colleagues, allows the furniture to respond specifically to individual needs.

Another current trend in individual operational positions are the organic shapes of the desks. The Twist model is a good example of an organic structure that allows different members of the team to be integrated in the same space and to facilitate their proximity and communication, with enough space for each of them as well as optimization of the wiring. 

If you are looking for individual tables, both for operational and collective positions, design is key in the definition of the product. Longo is a very light and elegant table and soft seating system, which allows, not only create work desks, but a whole set of furniture that combines operational work and moments of relaxation, thanks to the design of its various modules, capable of creating multiple possibilities from armchairs, cabinets and acoustic panels.

Versatility also defines Prisma that, thanks to its careful design, presents an exquisite union system in the legs that gives the table a compact and elegant appearance, as if it were produced in a single piece. Its design enables creating tables with the same surface finish and structure and great customisation potential.

These customisation options also extend to the conference and  conference and meeting tables and also to executive desks. Until a few years ago, these tables were seen as very ambitious. However, design and functionality also have their place when it comes to creating different products, with a special design and personality. The Arkitek table is defined by a very architectural structure, created by aluminium injection, which adds personality to any space.

Power, on the other hand, the large, height-adjustable table with a single leg, was designed to respond to these new directional and meeting areas through comfort, design and functionality.  It is even perfect for adding new uses such as the incorporation of technologies: monitors, cameras and videoconferencing software for videoconferences.

Talent is also height-adjustable. A chameleon-like product that, thanks to its versatility, is functional in offices, training rooms, multipurpose spaces and even in a home office. It is height-adjsutable without the need for an electrical connection, foldable, compact and can be moved easily. Perfect for assembling and disassembling in just a few minutes and can even be used as a whiteboard because its surface can be turned over and written on and then erased.

That dynamism and flexibility in the design of Actiu products ensures that everyone can configure the furniture as they wish, responding to the tasks they carry out, their needs and their own style. The desks thus become a tool for work and innovation but also for well-being. Being able to adopt a comfortable posture and also alternate comfortable and different positions throughout the day is beneficial for people's health and mood, which is crucial when it comes to being creative and productive and opening new horizons.

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