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International Colour Day: The Power of Colour in Designing Spaces for Creative Minds

International Colour Day: The Power of Colour in Designing Spaces for Creative Minds

MARCH 2023 | 4 minutes

On the occasion of International Colour Day we tell you about the importance of colour in the design of spaces!

From neutrals to the most vibrant: tones, textures and fabrics are an elementary part of every furnishing project and a decisive factor in the creation of different atmospheres.

How does colour influence the design of space?

A space where we can hold a meeting, create, collaborate, rest or prepare a meal. This is the new way of conceiving rooms and offices. Flexible, dynamic, with elements that help to reconfigure the space and where comfort, functionality and aesthetics are the main focus. For this to be possible, there are several elements that make the interior design project succeed. Along with the equipment, the distribution or the size, the colour we apply to each of these items marks the immediate sensations when entering a room. A guide that directly reaches our senses and even affects our mood through tones, textures and finishes.

One of the commitments of Actiu, a leading brand in sustainable design and manufacture of workspaces, hospitality and home office, is precisely to create friendly, flexible, comfortable and healthy environments through a global design concept, focused on people and their different day-to-day needs. To this end, colour plays a fundamental role in each of its pieces, all of which are available in various shades and different fabrics that adapt to each person, moment and room.

A chair or a table is much more than an isolated piece of furniture. They are a tool to collaborate, socialise or rest better, so their design, image and pigments with which a canvas is composed are very important ingredients to convey a good experience. Knowing how to choose and combine these elements for their function and comfort, but also for their colours and textures makes it possible to create spaces to bring life or transmit calm in an environment such as a home, restaurant or office. Or for all at the same time” – Actiu points out.

Decoración y diseño en tonos neutros

Neutral colours, the universal black and white, and even brown or grey, convey calm, but above all elegance, sophistication and sobriety.

It is a safe bet that fits in any room and that in the case of white brings clarity and freshness acting as a backdrop to any other element that complements it. The same happens when we use it in elements that are repeated in the same space, such as chairs, tables or stools, in which its use is collective and for different actions, they are key colours and with which you will never give up on design. Black brings character to any space where you place it, as well as focusing the space on concentration. Ideal for meeting rooms or executive spaces.

Decoration and design in earth tones

Undoubtedly one of the trends of recent times. Earth tones, also known as natural tones, are just one of the clues that the connection with the environment and nature is more present than ever. 

Beige, brown or terracotta are tones that help us to connect with ourselves, to relax and to offer the maximum sensation of well-being and comfort. On a decorative level, as with the neutrals, they can be easily combined with other more striking tones, so their presence is pleasant in any space. They tend to adapt easily to group relaxation spaces or more informal collaborative areas.

Decoration and design in warm tones

The warm tones, ranging from red to yellow, provoke a stimulating effect and intense sensations, favouring optimism and good vibrations.

These colours make rooms more active and dynamic. In addition, they mark personality and a differential value to the space. Training areas and areas where to create are ideal for this type of colours. Its darker tones are ideal for large, bright rooms due to their sense of seclusion.

Decoration and design in cool tones

On the other hand, cold colours, among which blue and its variations stand out, transmit relaxation and rest and are perfect for enlarging small spaces, especially in their lighter tones, offering the opposite effect to warm tones.

In addition, these tones are associated with cleanliness and purity, which combined with warm colours such as red or yellow bring personality and a lively and cheerful spirit to the space.

But it is not only the colours that play a fundamental role, but also the textures and fabrics. They provide aesthetics and comfort and give prominence to touch. This is how Actiu, always with the Mediterranean influence of its roots present in each element, focuses on this part of the process. In search of excellence through a future vision in which quality and sustainability are at the forefront of each piece, the brand reinforces this role through materials such as its 100% PET rugs or fabrics such as Felicity made from recycled plastic bottles present in chairs such as Noom or Trim. In the same way

"Colours influence our mood, convey values, culture or brand identity. We take all this into account when we design and create spaces and furniture. In day-to-day projects, we use a combination of colours that can convey action, emotion, or calm to our clients. In our own offices, we have created many spaces that transmit the light, life, the sea, and the mountains of the place that has seen us born and evolve; the Mediterranean", explains Actiu's Brand Reputation Manager, Soledat Berbegal.