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The new office trends for 2023

The new office trends for 2023

JANUARY 2023 | 1 minute

New year, new challenges. In every company, the beginning of the new year means the beginning of new resolutions, organisations and objectives. Any change accompanied by a spatial and/or furniture redesign is a breath of fresh air that leads to innovative ideas and projects. A new vision that should be inspired by the new office trends for 2023. Experts hold the key as to how to achieve comfortable and functional spaces that both take care of and motivate their users.

Here are some of the office interior design trends for 2023!

How does colour influence the office?

The connection between colour and emotions has been the subject of study for centuries. Psychologists, artists and designers work with colour and, through it, they convey different sensations and generate feelings. Colour can also influence people's health from a mental, physical and emotional point of view. And even more so in an enclosed space where we spend so many hours of our day. 

The office trends for 2023 make it clear that paying attention to colour should be essential in the interior design of any corporate space to create experiential workplaces where the use of colours in the office serves to stimulate employees depending on the activity at hand (concentration, collaboration, creativity, learning, etc.) within the new concept of a hybrid world. 

To do so, it is necessary to resort to shades that convey well-being, serenity and even creativity, which have a positive effect on people's state of mind. In addition, depending on the company, this style may be more welcoming and calm or more striking, with decorative details in bright colours. Also important to remember is that in addition to being a tool for generating emotions, colours also help to enhance the brand identity of an organisation.

The offices of the future

In this new changing reality, the flexibility and ability of companies to adapt to changes will be crucial. And that applies as much to their projects and their work methodologies as it does to the well-being and comfort of their workers in corporate environments. 

Digiespace offices, Madrid (Spain).

In this regard, "space hacking" is becoming increasingly more important: employees enjoy the freedom to define and configure their workstations. The design must be empathetic so that it can be used naturally and with variable elements that allow it to be adapted to the tasks at hand at any given time.

To achieve this, furniture undoubtedly becomes a strategic aspect, in which collections such as Agile are the key piece in adapting the space to the preferences and activities of the teams at all times, creating a versatile and dynamic workplace.

Agile Collection >

In addition, the office trends for 2023 are not only limited to traditional offices, but rather all kinds of hybrid spaces must now be taken into account and the furniture that's needed to transform them, with an eye on phenomena such as coworking: from hotels that have environments for working, to coffee shops where meetings can be held, and even retail establishments that have a lounge area.

Tpartner Network Services, Rosa Colet Estudio, Barcelona (Spain).

Beyond the sustainable office 

If well-being must be the first premise of any office space, there is no doubt that sustainability must be the second. While the environment is taken into account when designing a space, the so-called biophilic design also comes into play in interior design, which will be key in the offices of the future that we must begin to define right now.

Biophilia alludes to the necessary connection between people and nature and the advantages that its presence has for our mind and health on a day-to-day basis. That presence can manifest itself in the presence of plants, of course, but also in colours, textures, natural elements and natural lighting.

Sberbank HQ offices, Rusia.

Architecture and interior design professionals are increasingly aware of the importance of a sustainable office for the people who use it during their working day, from the point of view of creativity and mental health, essential for any project and human team. 

Utopicus Paseo de la Habana, Madrid (Spain).

But if we look even further, simply being sustainable and introducing nature into spaces will not be enough. We must defend a regenerative economy, understood as returning a system or product to its original or improved state. That is, restoring or even improving an ecosystem, taking into account issues such as the carbon footprint of a product, the fiscal footprint or the footprint of employment, measuring the environmental, economic and social return of each one.

Regarding the well-being of the people within the spaces, can an office space regenerate people's health? The focus should be placed on designing spaces from which people leave in better health than when they entered. Where health is understood not only as the absence of disease, but as the correct balance between mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health. 

Talent retention in the office, the great challenge 

And if we already have a sustainable office capable of generating well-being, we will have laid the foundations to attract, build loyalty and retain talent in that office.

In the new magazine "Inspiration. Spaces, People and Talent", Actiu highlights the importance of achieving more dynamic, flexible, agile and creative workspaces. Today's challenges require talent that is committed to the project, properly trained and motivated. To do this, companies are investing in actions to generate culture, incorporate technology, respond to the new hybrid world and transform spaces as a way of integrating all this. 

Allowing employees to make the spaces their own and configuring them according to their needs helps to obtain their commitment and contributes to the huge challenge that is talent retention. 

Business and Talent Retention in our Inspiration Magazine >

Stadtwerke offices, Düsseldorf (Germany).

And to hold on to that talent, in line with the office trends for 2023, it is essential to invest in people and the places they occupy. It's not only about preventing them from leaving their job, but also about eliminating the phenomenon known as "silent resignation": the demotivation and apathy of those who continue in their jobs due to simple and pure inertia. Now it's not just about putting the person at the centre, but about placing people's quality of life as the starting point. 

Modern offices, inclusive offices 

Times are changing and companies and their offices must evolve alongside them. While incorporating technologies and implementing agile work methodologies is essential, so is promoting inclusion. 

Inclusion in terms of age, gender, origin and abilities must be a pillar in any company, which must be increasingly focused on designing and manufacturing with the "silver economy" in mind, that is, the mature population with purchasing power and free time. Internally, companies should promote the diversity of profiles, even from the point of view of functional diversity, with spaces designed for people with neurodivergence and neuroarchitecture gaining importance.

T-Mobile offices, Praga.

To promote the adaptability of corporate spaces, in line with the office trends for 2023, it is essential to have elements that allow the environment to be reconfigured quickly and easily, tailored to each project and each team. Preconceived and static ideas should be set aside, taking advantage of all the possibilities that a space can offer.

A space that must also be equipped with solutions capable of being used comfortably by all team members. An example of this is the new A+S Work chair made by Alegre Design, whose design process prioritised ergonomics to cover the widest range of diversity in people in terms of their height and weight. 

Discover A+S Work by ACTIU >

The whole idea is to turn offices into the ideal place for collaborating, socialising, cultivating team spirit and generating the necessary conditions so that the spark of innovation and creativity can emerge. 

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