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Natural Inspiration: Exploring Colours and Textures for Unique Spaces

Natural Inspiration: Exploring Colours and Textures for Unique Spaces

| 18 minutes

Shades that evoke the colours of nature and handcrafted textures provide endless possibilities for creating spaces that stimulate emotions, creativity, illusion and serenity. It all depends on how the elements are combined and how they are distributed in the environment.

This infinity of possibilities of colours and textures finds its maximum expression in textiles and upholstery, which bring warmth and personality to interior design projects. 

Materials, yarns and colours create unique interweavings that bring liveliness to the environment and to the people who inhabit them.

Current Trends in Colours and Finishes

The trends in colours and finishes in the interior design and architecture sector are oriented towards different and, at the same time, complementary visions, which dive into nature and essence. Different ways of creating, where design merges with emotions, and spaces come alive with unique vibrations. Each environment is conceived with its own personality to meet different needs, whether it is to convey serenity, vitality or refined grace. It is the ideal environment to bring any space to life.

Below, you can discover the rich palette of colours and textures we have launched at Actiu for our fabrics, upholstery and finishes in wood, melamine, metal and plastic. This diversity of options is an essential tool for architects and designers, allowing them to create spaces that stimulate emotions and reflect personality.

Light and sustainability

This decorative style is inspired by the softness of natural light, advocating a minimalist aesthetic that conveys harmony and radiates a refreshing sense of serenity. Elegant spaces that exude softness and respect for the surroundings and the environment.


In this case, we opt for bright and subtle tones that invigorate the space, lively and cheerful shades that invigorate any environment and serve as a vitamin for the mood. Its colour and cheerfulness comes from the typical fruits of the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Blue

Mediterranean charm combines coastal serenity, the beauty of light and its gradients in a decorative trend that manages to generate a sense of tranquillity with a timeless charm.

Playful Pastels

Soft tones convey whimsical charm and delicate hues. Soothing blues, delicate pinks and soft greens create an energetic palette that inspires and enchants. The combination of geometric playfulness promotes playfulness and playfulness.

Natural Earth

A space that connects with nature embraces earthy beauty with organic textures, warm earth tones and a natural aesthetic that brings the essence of the outdoors indoors. A materialisation of the warm elegance of natural elements offers a sanctuary of quality, comfort and welcoming environments.

Green Forest

The rich greens - and their natural accents - translate into decorative styles that embrace the collection and the lushness and beauty of wild nature. Thus, the space is transformed into a clean and serene oasis, a place conceived for well-being, whether it is oriented towards rest or work.

Dark & Sober

Soft dark tones are synonymous with classic elegance. Deep tones and luxurious textures bring glamour to the space. Its monochromatic palette creates a timeless and understated charm by using dark tones combined with light natural tone points.

From the rustic charm of earthy textures to the elegance of contemporary fabrics, each of these interior design and decoration trends weaves a story of design and craftsmanship that speaks the language of emotions.

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