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Keys to creating a comfortable and efficient home office

Keys to creating a comfortable and efficient home office

FEBRUARY 2020 | 3 minutes

The possibilities offered by new technologies and the hyperconnectivity in which we live immersed in translate into the workplace, in which more and more people work from home, either full-time or part-time, combining work from home with the time they spend in the office.

Working from home has many benefits. These include greater scheduling freedom and flexibility, an improved work-life balance, and expense reductions, both business and commuting. Not to mention being able to enjoy our cup of coffee in our favorite mug with our slippers on.

However, to ensure that this new way of working is productive and, above all, comfortable, it is important to carefully plan out how will be the home office.

Here are some important recommendations for setting up an effective and comfortable home office.

First, it is essential to choose the right place well. Regardless of the schedule in which the professional work is to be carried out in, it is preferable that the chosen space is far from televisions and transit areas, to avoid distractions and interruptions.

The level of natural light that this area gets must be taken into account and, in addition, it must be ensured that it also has a good source of artificial light, in addition to the electrical connections necessary for your computer and other electronic devices necessary for working.

Once you have chosen the space, it is key to be clear on how to equip it. A good desk and a functional chair are essential. In the case of the table, in addition to its dimensions, it is important that it has slots for cables to pass through, such as the Prisma office desk. It is also recommended to use a sit stand desk, generating a greater capacity for movement which results in physical and emotional well-being. Height adjustable desks such as the Mobility and Talent models are very useful in this regard, and the latter is perfect in its compact, liftable and foldable design.

The chair choice must always be determined by ergonomic reasons. A design which adapts the configuration of the piece to the postural and physiological needs of the human body is a guarantee for comfort. Considering the hours during which we work seated, the choice of the office chair is no small matter. Ergonomic Office Chairs such as Stay, Trim and TNK Flex take care of your back and posture in general and are very comfortable.

Once the chair and table have been chosen, it is time to think about the type of storage needed to store all the elements of our daily work, from documents to office supplies. Shelves and drawer units, for example, Pedestals are very effective for this.

There are even intermediate solutions between a table and a storage space, where, in addition to working, you can choose to enjoy a relaxing moment or create a reading corner. Products like the Longo combine soft seating with a work table and have beautiful and soft aesthetics.

Another very comfortable option is to create a small space for relaxation and reading where you can switch places and tasks. To achieve this, the Noom collection is key. A set of chairs, armchairs and stools which can fit any need.

And one last point. If the space chosen to be used as the home office does not have a door separating it from the rest of the rooms and inhabitants of the house, opting for a sound-absorbing panel is convenient for favoring concentration and achieving this separation, even when moments of spontaneous bustle occur in the family home.