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New Needs, new ways of working, new office uses

New Needs, new ways of working, new office uses

APRIL 2021 | 2 minutes

Working solely from the office or from home may be a suitable option in many cases. But one of the lessons that the last year has taught us is that both formulas have benefits and actually complement one another.

Now that many companies are coordinating the gradual return of employees to the office, it is important to take advantage of the benefits of each work model. Listening to team members, introducing agile methodologies and equipping each space with the necessary elements to ensure comfort and functionality will contribute to overall well-being and the progress of projects.

In fact, according to a recently study carried out by Actiu,  62.3% of those interviewed would prefer to use a mixed office-home system, with the support of technology, while 21.3% would choose to return to the office full time. In contrast, only 7.8% would prefer to work solely from home.

This last year has made it clear that, with the necessary equipment, the Home Office allows us to carry out our professional work comfortably, especially those individual tasks that require higher levels of concentration. But, for those who this model has been mandatory and without the best conditions, the indisputable value of teamwork in an appropiate enviroment and co-creation when working with others in person has also become evident. 

Along these lines, 79.6% of people would opt for collaborative environments to promote talent and socialisation and 65.6% believe that the office will also be key as a hybrid space, incorporating new uses.

From the reciprocity of both work models - in-person and remote work - the need arises to implement a new Agile business philosophy, in which the employee can work when, where and how they want, focusing on the objectives of the brand. At the moment, according to the study, 34.4% of those interviewed already use agile methodologies in their company with good results.

To make it easier for these shared environments to adapt to teamwork needs, depending on the moment and the situation, the Agile Collection was born, a set of flexible solutions from Actiu that include side tables, mobile panels, tiers and acoustic panels. The Lockers also act as elements that allow spaces to be generated and separated, in addition to restricting or directing traffic flows, and providing solutions for individual use.

For companies, planning and coordinating employees' return to the office involves taking into account a multitude of factors in order to ensure the continuity of work on the one hand and, on the other, the safety and well-being of the entire team. Therefore, in addition to implementing hygiene and social distancing measures and agile methodologies, it is essential to resort to systems that allow the space to be optimised. To that end, Gaia by Actiu® was born, which collects data on the use and conditions of people's environment, having a favourable impact on the well-being of users, as well as on the results of organisations.