What we learned in 2020

January 2021 | News

At the back of our minds already is a year that posed unthinkable challenges, but which also became a constant source of reflection and learning. To a greater or lesser extent, people were forced to adapt, to make unimagined decisions and to find ways to progress, even in exceptional and, quite often, adverse circumstances. This is what we learned from 2020.

Staff are the heart of a company

People are at the heart of everything; families, cities, countries and companies too. Them, their talent, inventiveness as well as their innovative capacity is where a company´s heart and spirit of achievement lie. And, as long as people work as a team, even remotely, this spirit and creativity shall endure.

Health is the most important thing

When health is at stake, everything else takes a back seat and priorities are rearranged. Protecting people and taking all necessary measures to safeguard their health has become of the utmost importance at all levels as well as being a factor that must be taken into account in decision-making processes.

Technologies are out there, so it is time to take advantage of them.

 When maintaining social distance is obligatory, technology is a great ally to maintain internal and external communication alike. Videoconferencing, network databases, online document sharing... have become tools that make everyday life easier and will continue to do so in the future. Furthermore, smart sensors will become an increasingly important part of everyday life, even in the furniture itself, fostering space optimisation and productivity thanks to smart solutions.


The work environment really matters

Companies have been looking after their workspaces for years, making sure that the environment and furniture comply with legal regulations and with ergonomic and comfort standards for their workers. Now that home offices are all the rage, this environment has become an important part of many people´s lives. And its prolonged use has shown that the resources one uses for work are really important. Not to mention the emotional support and enriching social interactions with colleagues, which are crucial.

A study conducted by Actiu in the middle of 2020, revealed that, in order of importance, 56% of respondents were missing a closer relationship with colleagues while 32% required a suitable workspace and furniture. As a result, 73% of the 400 respondents preferred to go back to their work environment, albeit working from home one day a week. Data such as these show that hybrid, remote and presential, working models are here to stay.

Home office comfort is essential for physical and emotional health.

Any workspace that is used on a regular basis, whether a few hours a day or a few days a week, automatically plays an important role in a person´s health, physical well-being and emotional stability. Musculoskeletal problems are some of the consequences that remote working, with makeshift or multi-purpose chairs and tables already found in the home, has had for many people, according to Actiu´s study. Furthermore, bearing in mind that physical well-being is inseparable from emotional well-being, the effects of these ailments could be worse. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to use professional furniture, even in the domestic sphere.

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