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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
An industry that designs for sustainability

An industry that designs for sustainability

JANUARY 2023 | 4 minutes

Manufacturing based on the sustainability and wellbeing of users is a concept that is relatively recent, but essential in order to ensure that the quality of processes and products are in tune with the needs of the planet. Two values, sustainability and wellbeing, which, together with design, innovation, and manufacturing, have defined the philosophy and strategy of companies like Actiu for more than 55 years. Local production, management, research in materials and processes, technology, robotisation, customisation, internationalisation, or strategic design are some of the already intrinsic concepts in a market that is increasingly aware of climate change, the lack of resources and the search for a new kind of wellbeing, both for the planet and for the species that inhabit it.

The importance of eco-design

Originally associated with a mainly aesthetic aspect, design now takes things much further and, in addition to being innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and different, it must be practical, meet needs, be durable, and integrate into the environment without damaging it. It is crucial to view Design as a Whole, where experience and functionality are combined, and where it is not only a result but also a process. Only in this way will we achieve a responsible industry that designs based on sustainability.

This commitment to sustainability and this way of working can transform organisations and their way of evolving and improving their territory. A tangible example of this strategic vision is Actiu. Founded in 1968 by Vicente Berbegal as a small custom-made furniture workshop, today the company has turned into a large family, which has continuously demonstrated its commitment to the territory. Recognised with the LEED Gold 2011, LEED Platinum 2017 and WELL Platinum 2019 certifications, its Technology Park, with 15 years of history, has already become a benchmark in the sustainable industry. 

A healthy building, ECO on the outside and Well on the inside, which respects the environment and allows for the efficient use of natural resources, where business strategy, people, process improvement and experiential spaces coexist.

Sostenibles por fuera,
saludables por dentro >

Sustainable materials

If we want to maintain the much-needed balance between natural resources and the industry, it is essential to pay attention to materials that, with their textures, composition and infinite capacity for transformation, invite us to believe in second chances and which make a difference and decide the future of the environment. For Actiu, a design and circular economy process results in materials such as melamine with 0% formaldehyde; 100% sustainable and lightweight steel, which minimises CO2 emissions in transportation and processing; wood with the FSC chain of custody certification; and aluminium from the automotive industry, which reincorporates 93% of production waste into the process.

Through materials such as the plastic used in the Fluit chair, which was once a fruit and vegetable crates.

La silla de ACTIU
100% reciclada >

The bottles taken from the bottom of the sea and that now are used to make the Felicity fabric.

< 7 plastic bottles
equals 1m2 of Felicity

The sound-absorbing felt made with solar energy and which manages to reduce noise pollution in spaces in a sustainable way.

Hello Ecological Well-being! >

Y la colección de artículos personales hechos a partir de materiales desechados, Second Act. Además de la Declaración Ambiental de Producto (EPD) en la mayoría de sus productos.

< Remakes can be just
as good as the original

Circular economy design, a commitment to the territory, respect for materials, knowledge of industrial tradition and technological innovation define this new way of designing, manufacturing, and producing. A process of co-creation, where industry talent joins design talent to offer a new way of living and working, better for the planet and for those who inhabit it, in a delicate balance between local and global.

"Since our inception, we have developed products and production processes with an industrial philosophy of commitment to local production, circular economy, and industry 4.0. In addition, our own corporate headquarters and its production plants have been created under demanding criteria of efficiency and productivity and designed for the health of our team and the sustainability of the environment and our planet. Another much more responsible and sustainable way of creating, designing, and producing is possible and we have been demonstrating it for more than 50 years of history...".

"...There is still a lot to do, a great project aimed at improving the experience of our customers and collaborators thanks to the improvement of industrial efficiency, service and operations. And of course as we do, with our culture and philosophy" says Joaquin Berbegal, CEO of Actiu.