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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
ACTIU: The only WELL and LEED Platinum recertified industrial site worldwide

ACTIU: The only WELL and LEED Platinum recertified industrial site worldwide

APRIL 2024 | 3 minutes

At Actiu, we prefer to focus on action rather than theory, as there are experts who take care of that. We are happy to see that our commitment is endorsed by prestigious organisations. Recently, the International WELL Building Institute renewed our WELL Platinum certification, obtained at the end of the last decade, and our score has risen from 82 to 90 points. This recognition highlights the emphasis we place on the well-being of our employees and users, placing us at the forefront in our country and among the most outstanding headquarters at international level in this aspect.

This ranking assesses specific aspects such as lighting, sound, temperature and even people's state of mind. Our philosophy, based on the design and equipment of sustainable and healthy workspaces, is reinforced here by implementing it from the heart of the company: the corporate headquarters itself.

Our facilities achieve world-class status with the WELL Platinum recertification, obtained in 2019 and now revalued with 90 points.

"Recertifying and achieving that score is something to be really proud of as a team, as most of the top rated ones are usually between 82 and 84 points". Anna Ferrer, partner at CU4 Arquitectura and WELL auditor of our facilities, adds that the few facilities that match or exceed that score "are usually from multinationals".

According to the accredited professional, maintaining this certification "requires continuous monitoring of measurable standards that allow us to guarantee that this building, this organisation, cares about its people and its community". Ferrer also highlights the importance of products such as "sound-absorbing panels, which improve the soundproofing of spaces; or elevating tables, which improve user movement", among others.

p = Points obtained in the Well certification

Anti-aging architecture

Anti-aging architecture is emerging as a paradigm in design, prioritising the creation of spaces that promote wellbeing and facilitate healthy ageing for their users. At Actiu we try to take this into account in our corporate headquarters. Its workspaces not only comply with the principles of this architecture through the integration of natural light, green areas and advanced ventilation systems, but it also stands as a model of sustainability and psychophysical well-being in the workplace.

Located in Castalla (Alicante), the headquarters represent a milestone in health-oriented architectural design, being the only building in Spain and internationally to date to have achieved recertification under the WELLPilot v2 standard. It is also relevant to highlight that, of the 17 global entities certified under this specific category, only Actiu has simultaneously achieved the LEED Platinum distinction. This positions us not only as pioneers in adopting construction and design practices that favour healthy ageing, but also as leaders in environmental commitment and sustainability.

The recognition of our scientific and professional approach to sustainable and pro-health design highlights the importance of creating work environments that meet high standards of efficiency and actively promote the health and well-being of people. This paradigm demonstrates how the built environment, through conscious design and careful planning, can have a direct and positive impact on human health and longevity.

Acoustic comfort top marks

The WELL Sound parameter has also increased in our score compared to the original certification. It aims to enhance the health and well-being of workers and users by identifying and mitigating acoustic comfort parameters that shape experiences in the built environment.

In this sense, a measurement has been carried out which has allowed a reduction in ambient noise levels, obtaining figures well below the maximum thresholds for ambient background noise.

In this way, we have achieved the maximum score for the levels of exposure to interior and exterior noise that influence all the people who carry out their professional work in Actiu's corporate building.

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