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The more caring side of design at 'Design with a Cause'

The more caring side of design at 'Design with a Cause'

SEPTEMBER 2013 | 2 minutes

The digital magazine about Valencian design, DissenyCV, has organized a solidarity night to benefit the rehabilitation of the Art School of Silk , under the slogan ´Disseny amb causa´  Design with a cause in which a total of 32 designers and companies have taken part donating some of their works and products.

Amongst the works donated to the event  "El Juego de los ciclistas" stood out by the recent National Design Award winner Nacho Lavernia, packaging Maduresa by Dani Nebot, also National Design Award Winner in 1995, a laminated piece by Pepe Gimeno, the rug on loan by Gandia Blasco and designed by Sandra Figuerola and the Botijo Siesta on loan by CuldeSac, as well as the Plekchair by Actiu, (designed byr AlegreIndustrial Studio) awarded with the Red Dot 2008 Design Award.

With the entrance to the party, a nominal price of two euros, you were allowed a drink and a raffle ticket. Some pieces, of special significance were auctioned, while the rest starred in a fun raffle. The funds raised have been dedicated to the Art School of Silk in Valencia.

Furthermore, during the event which celebrated the 15th edition of PechaKucha Valencia, organized by La Mamba studio. The participants of this edition; Verlanga, Girls on Wheels, Elena Mir, VAV Architects, María Herreros, Bocabadats, WAP, Plazatio, Javier Marzo+Sindy Charry, Fromlab, DissenyCV and Itbook, illustrators, designers, architects and creators in general presented 20 images of their cultural and design projects.

The convening power was such that an hour before the event an impromptu queue was formed outside the Art School of Silk. The party took place in the courtyard and in the exhibition space adjacent in which was restored by the owners and soon to be opened to the public. In this space we can find a small museum where you can see weaving machines of the era - that still operate and weave today -, some fabrics and materials, as well as those pieces that are currently being used and sold in the shop Espai Seda, located in the same building. The collection of donations (such as those via this event) or from the sale of crafts are the only direct collection methods that the owners have to gradually  restore the XV century guild headquarters.