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The new education
In this new magazine you will find the keys to successfully face the new challenges of educational spaces.
The New Education
This new vision of education involves a revolution in methodologies, spaces and technology and requires a major change of mentality on the part of all the agents involved in order to move forward hand in hand.

What kind of class will it be in the future?

Furniture plays a fundamental role in adapting flexibly to each moment and facilitating learning.

Tiered seating, folding tables, modular furniture, plants, stackable stools, colours, vegetable gardens, interactive screens... everything changes, moves and adapts, clashing with the sobriety and stillness of the classrooms we have always known. The new education requires friendlier spaces that contribute to the predisposition for learning, comfort and the physical and psychological well-being of all those who participate in them.

The case of CIPFP Mislata, an ergonomic and flexible classroom for new students.
CIPFP Mislata
One of the objectives of the CIPFP Mislata was to have a classroom that takes into account ergonomics, flexibility and sustainability, in order to implement new methodologies that prepare its students for the professional world.
Discover how design has helped the Santa Maria Business Centre
Design has been a key tool to enhance the capabilities of the students of the Santa María Business Centre, creating a stimulating environment and favouring the acquisition of practical skills to face the challenges of the world of work.
What is the Aula Tecnológica 5.0 at IES Cotes Baixes like?
IES Cotes Baixes has made a qualitative leap by equipping its new technology classroom. Discover this innovative space, where more than 50 students and teachers of courses related to Automation and Industrial Robotics, share new ways of learning.