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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
IES Cotes Baixes, Alcoy
July 2022 | 1 minute

The path towards the new educational model

IES Cotes Baixes has been, since its origins, an educational institution with a notably technical personality that it has been able to preserve throughout its history and the study plans it has drawn up over the years. For a few years now, IES Cotes Baixes has been immersed in a profound transformation of its teaching and learning methodologies that it has been progressively implementing in its different educational programmes: Secondary Education and Higher-Level Training Cycles.

IES Cotes Baixes offers up its facilities as a real testing and experimentation ground to create new spaces for education. Cotes Baixes and Actiu have already initiated their first collaboration in the implementation of the Cool Working-Education project for the generation of new learning environments.

Now it has taken a qualitative leap by furnishing a technology classroom, the Classroom 5.0, with furniture that reflects Actiu's agile philosophy and Gaia by Actiu®, the first smart platform for healthy and efficient spaces, which equips the environment with sensors, allowing data to be obtained about the use of the classrooms and the conditions of the environment, with the aim of obtaining information of interest that has repercussions in favour of the well-being of students and teachers.

IES Cotes Baixes is evolving towards high-performance training in 100% of the courses offered.

"A type of training  based on challenge-based collaborative learning, which we pilot through Agile methodologies and which require different learning spaces, allowing us to respond to the different phases of the challenge and organisational changes." Says the Principal, Fernando Sansaloni 

Nearly 50 students and teachers of studies related to automation, industrial robotics and those in the second year of the technical secondary school in robotics interact in this innovative space. Using the potential of Gaia by Actiu®, the objective of IES Cotes Baixes is to create more intelligent and comfortable classrooms, better organising the space and allowing users to freely reserve seats. By analysing the comfort levels of students and teachers, they are able to offer a better experience, where acoustics is key in accordance with the methodologies used in the institution. In parallel, the platform provides safer spaces, which facilitate a more effective application of anti-COVID-19 health measures.

To select and lay out the furniture, the same objective has been pursued as in the Cool Working Education classroom: agile, efficient, flexible and connected furniture that is capable of being integrated into each methodology or pedagogical objective.

The Talent 500 tables, a system of mobile, foldable and height-adjustable tables (without the need for an electrical connection) provide great versatility, allowing the space to be reconfigured according to people's needs. Or there is the

Talent 300 model, designed for multifunctional spaces. This table for collective spaces has wheels, two of which can be locked, with a fixed height and a foldable table top.

The Noom 50 chairs are also easily stackable and allow for quickly redesigning the space depending on each situation. They have been designed to foster communication and convey well-being, which are essential in people's day-to-day life. Noom can fit into very different environments and times, thanks to its high level of customisation. Chairs from the 50 range and stools with wheels from the 40 range have both been installed at IES Cotes Baixes.

The classroom is spacious enough to incorporate Platforms from the Agile collection, a new concept that allows the space to be redesigned quickly and efficiently. Its wheels and modular character make the collaborative workspace more dynamic as a bench, platform or shelf, incorporating integrated storage space that can be complemented with poufs.

And since technology and internet connections are at the heart of new learning methodologies, CADDY 500 is a mobile and lightweight support that allows you to create different environments, being able to integrate whiteboards and interactive screens as well as complementary accessories. The ability to incorporate an upholstered finish also enhances its sound-absorbing qualities and offers greater acoustic privacy.

The Classroom 5.0 at Cotes Baixes has all the necessary characteristics required by the education of the future, through the design of multifunctional, connected and flexible spaces, which allow progress to made on the path towards new learning models and help to train creative, empathetic, and innovative students who are aware of their own resources.

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