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New Student Dorms
August 2022 | 1 minute

Creating attractive spaces for new generations is one of the main challenges of new student dorms. Places conceived as an alternative to shared flats, which offer their users unique experiences through areas that promote socialising, encourage study, and leave room for privacy.

Actiu has participated in the furnishing of two of these new dorms designed for Generation Z. Young people born between 1994 and 2010, who demand experiential spaces where technology and connectivity are essential, that are well lit, with carefully selected materials and colours, and a design that is committed to sustainability and the well-being of their users.

Located in the centre of Valencia, the "Colegio Mayor Saomar" has been completely renovated by the architecture and interior design studio Mas Millet Architects. A building with a facade completely closed off from the street and a compartmentalised floor plan with hardly any natural light has been transformed into a sustainable space with high energy efficiency where the well-being of the residents comes first. A place where colour plays a fundamental role in creating personalised, youthful, and cheerful spaces, more vibrant and lively in the socialisation areas, and softer, more neutral, and relaxed in the rest and study areas.

Distributed over 6 floors + rooftop, the more communal spaces of the building are located on the ground floor, first floor, and rooftop with a swimming pool. As the centre of life for residents and a point of connection with the outside, the ground floor revolves around a large multipurpose space, baptised as 'Agora', that includes different social environments, where Actiu has participated with its Noom 10 armchairs. A model with a friendly, elegant, and differentiated design, aimed at encouraging communication and fostering well-being among students.

The 'Agora' space has multiple uses, such as offices, a living room, chapel, meeting room, or a small library/study area where the minimalist Prisma table is combined with Noom 50 chairs that add a warmer and more homely touch to the space.

For the large study room next to the chapel, the Urban Plus 30 chair has been chosen, a versatile model with an extensive range of upholstery and technical meshes, which offers the comfort and robustness required for long hours of study.

The rest of the floors are articulated around a central patio, which favours natural ventilation and which is accessed from the first floor. The dining room that opens to the patio is furnished with the Wing chair in black, a careful design that perfectly meets the technical needs of a space with intense use.

The same Urban Plus 30 chairs from the study area furnish the bedrooms, located on the upper levels and accessable through hallways where the original narrow hallways have been replaced by socialisation spaces that improve the quality of life and coexistence of the residents.

In Malaga, Actiu has participated, together with its partner Essenthia Contract, in the furnishing of the Amro University Dorm. A new construction by architects Pilar Barroso and Miguel Brieva of BAO projects, who were responsible for the interior design and the look and feel of the dorm.

Located in a building in the Ensanche area of the city and surrounded by gardens and a swimming pool, Amro Malaga has reserved the ground floor and basement for leisure and socialisation areas. Youthful spaces with character, but also timeless and durable in their finishes, where wooden lattices and meticulous changes in the flooring help to separate the different areas.   

These micro-atmospheres offer students very different social spaces, ranging from 'domestic' and cosy areas, where they can spend hours lounging in comfortable Noom 10 and Noom 20 armchairs, to other more dynamic areas, with high tables and Noom 50 cantilever stools. All of these are dyed in bright colours with abundant natural light that enhances the youthful and natural aesthetic that characterises the entire project.

The same colour range has been transferred over to the study rooms, that are also located on the ground floor and for which the Noom 50 chair has been chosen once again. Its wide range of upholstery, finishes and structures allows for a high degree of customisation in each one of the rooms.

Located on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, the bedrooms have been designed to offer their occupants the closest thing to home, with warm and comfortable furniture such as the Spacio chair. With a gas lift with wheels and armrests, its design incorporates a robust, flexible backrest with openings for breathability, perfect for long periods of study.

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