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The Benefits of Creating Rest Areas in the Office

The Benefits of Creating Rest Areas in the Office

NOVEMBER 2021 | 3 minutes

The American writer John Steinbeck used to say that “The art of relaxing is part of the art of working”. Periods of concentrated work of study, writing and management are essential in the day-to-day of an employee, but they cannot be maintained uninterrupted throughout the entire day, or from Monday to Friday. To be able to alternate activity with relaxation, it is essential to have a rest area in the office. Or several, depending on the space and the number of employees.

Creativity sometimes requires us to look away from the computer screen and keyboard, stretching our legs, changing scenery and looking up instead of down. It needs friendlier environments and areas that foster moments of disconnection with co-workers. Moments when the spark of a great idea or the solution to a new challenge can emerge.

The need for rest spaces in the office

If one thing has become clear in recent times, it's that communication and personal relationships in the workplace are key to the well-being of workers and to the daily running of any companies. Because the best projects are dreamed up from the feeling of working in and being part of a team.

Benefits of rest areas for workers

Chatting, socialising and even laughing with peers frees the mind. Mental pressure relaxes and mood improves with just a 15-minute break for tea or coffee. Therefore, taking care of people to foster their well-being and creating the necessary conditions for them to carry out their working day in the most pleasant and inspiring way possible should be a priority in companies. And that means defining, designing and equipping at least one rest area in the office's workspace.

Type of rest areas

That concept and design of a rest area has many facets and offers many possibilities. From a cafeteria area equipped with a coffee maker, refrigerator and microwave to a transit area that, thanks to a table and three chairs, becomes an independent office for occasional meetings, getting something to drink or making a phone call.

These spaces require comfortable furniture with a multipurpose design that welcomes workers, fostering their well-being, regardless of the task at hand at any given time. The armchairs from collections such as Noom and Badminton and even the Bend poufs and tables such as the Tabula or Colectiva make it possible to create a rest area that is as comfortable as it is practical.

Areas for combining work and relaxation

It is precisely because the needs of a diverse team change and evolve with the passing of the hours and days that another interesting option is to anticipate any eventuality with a complete range of furniture that, from the moment it was first designed, has taken into account that hybrid universe commonly known as "the office". Longo is a good example of this. A collection that combines tables and soft-seating solutions, prioritising comfort and functionality.

Spaces for informal meetings

Setting up an office doesn't happen overnight. It should be the result of a thought process that addresses the work done by the company, the team and their day-to-day needs without being limited to the individual tasks of each employee sitting in front of a computer.

Orbea offices

That's why, at Actiu, when furnishing workspaces, they apply their Cool Working philosophy which, precisely, defines five essential areas for the functioning of a workspace or area: concentration, privacy, socialisation, collaboration and learning. Five environments that facilitate and improve the day-to-day life of workers, tending to all the needs that may arise within an office, and always prioritising comfort and well-being.

Quite often, that well-being depends on personal relationships, a good environment and the feeling that their company is taking care of them. Offering them the resources they need to carry out their work, but also with their well-being in mind. And a space for resting is always a safe bet, where they can share moments of relaxation.