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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
July 2024 | 1 minute


Valencian Institute of Economic Research

The IVIE, Valencian Institute of Economic Research, is a centre dedicated to the development and promotion of economic research and its projection on a national and international level. It works in collaboration with the universities of the Valencian territory, who, through a team of professors, direct the studies and research of the Institute, guaranteeing with their academic prestige the quality of the work carried out. Another of its tasks is training, which is why, in its facilities, it has a specific space for carrying out all kinds of training activities with which it has forged its trajectory of more than 25 years in this field. The transformation of this space dedicated to training is one of its main commitments, converting it into a multi-purpose room that can be easily adapted to different uses and can easily respond to different types of training events.


To carry out this change that promotes a complete renovation of the space dedicated to training in order to improve its programme of use and thus expand its options, the IVIE has relied on Samaruc Estudio, who in turn have entrusted Actiu to provide the space with versatile furniture that can be easily adapted to changes in the configuration of the layout with the aim of guaranteeing the success of the training programme according to its typology.The aim is to ensure the success of the training according to its typology.


After analysing the space, the aim is to be able to use the same space in many different ways, with resources to hide the audiovisual installations when they are not in use and the equipment control area for IT staff.

It is also possible to use the training room in a multi-purpose way with the aim of holding talks, conferences, theoretical and practical courses, seminars, round tables and discussions between professionals with total comfort and guarantee. In addition to the versatility of the furniture, the change of lighting and acoustic conditioning provide a total solution to the problem initially posed.


IVIE Multi-purpose Hall

The interior design project has turned the space into a completely multifunctional classroom in which, thanks to the choice of tables and chairs on castors, a wide variety of floor plans can be proposed, with a maximum seating capacity of 40 people. In addition to the dynamism of the furniture, the lighting, which offers ten different lightings to regulate both the intensity and the direction to match the activity, depending on whether or not it is used for viewing on the screens. The stage backdrop, which acts as a decorative element, is covered with staggered wooden slats that allow the screen to be covered when not in use. All the elements provide the space with warmth and comfort, as well as balance and versatility for any training activity proposed in this space.


The multifunctionality of the IVIE Multipurpose Hall has been achieved through the furniture, lighting and acoustic conditioning. With regard to the furniture, mobile chairs and tables of different heights have been used, so that they can be grouped together for either individual or group work, allowing them to be easily grouped and thus giving the option of configuring the space in different ways within the same training activity; it is possible to start with a lecture and then convert the room so that the participants can hold a workshop in groups. As for the colours for the upholstery of the technical furniture, we have opted for the neutrality of the colours white, black and grey that contrast with the palette of greens in different gradients taken from the corporate identity of the institute used in the sound-absorbing panels that notably improve the acoustics of the room.


The result is a flexible classroom that can be fully configured according to the training activity to be carried out, in addition to the modernisation of the technological elements that enable videoconferencing and streaming broadcasts. The versatility of the classroom makes it possible to improve the training offer and to host a greater number of training sessions, as it is even possible to carry out different activities at the same time in the same space. It allows the capacity to be increased, as thanks to technological innovations, people who cannot attend the training in person can do so online.

The change in the space, its comfort and warmth, means that the users who attend the activities proposed by the IVIE benefit from the comfort of the place and that this has a positive impact on the work they do there.

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