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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
July 2023 | 1 minute


The Centre for Advanced Digital Innovation of the Valencian Community (CIDA) is the centre for the digitisation of Vocational Training, whose main points of reference are applied innovation, research, the promotion of economic transformation and excellence in the skills of Vocational Training students.

CIDA's main objective is technological surveillance, the development of new learning methodologies, applied research and innovation and the transfer of the results of R&D&I projects, with reference to all the educational centres that provide Vocational Training in the Valencian Community, contributing highly qualified professionals to society.


The project arose with the aim of creating a space where the different areas can work together so that synergies can flow; an inspirational space that is different from other educational spaces, combining design, technology, modularity and flexibility.

To achieve this, the Cool Working methodology has been applied, providing it with spaces for learning, focus, socialisation, privacy and collaboration.


The CIDA has placed its trust in ACTIU to give shape to a multidisciplinary space in which the actions of the different areas can be carried out effectively. Three rooms divided by sliding glass panels, which allow work to be carried out individually, in sections or as a whole.

The colours of its corporate identity have been key to the choice of upholstery and furniture, as well as the decorative elements that complete the rooms. 

Mobile and static tables have been installed in the space. One for the fixed and continuous work stations and the other to encourage sharing and synergies between the different areas that make up the innovation centre. To make this mobility possible, chairs with wheels have been used so that they can be used in one or other area, depending on the moment or project.


The result is four distinct areas of action: Digital Assets, Digital Uses, Advanced Digital Innovation and Internationalisation, which can work separately or together through the installation of flexible and dynamic furniture.

The Digital Assets Area works in the field of Vocational Training to learn about, analyse and experiment with the different hardware elements that can improve business, social or training processes in the different professional families in the medium and long term.

It is also responsible for seeking the support and collaboration of R&D companies, technology centres and, in particular, the Digital District project of the Generalitat Valenciana for the development of new hardware or experimentation of elements that may be of interest to the competences of Vocational Training qualifications.

The Digital Uses Area is responsible for the analysis, testing and implementation of software and new digital applications to be used in the different professional families.

They are also responsible for organising and advising groups of teachers and for the maintenance and development, together with the Directorates-General responsible for Information Technology, Communication, Digitalisation and Innovation, of a specific platform for Vocational Education and Training.

The Advanced Digital Innovation Area is responsible for promoting innovation processes in management, using digitalisation, in the centres of the Network of Integrated Vocational Training Centres and collaborating with the centres that provide Vocational Training in the development and implementation of new digitalisation processes in management, especially in areas such as management models, quality assurance models, among others.

It is also responsible for researching, designing and experimenting with the possibilities of learning scenarios based on digital competences that enable the maximum potential to be obtained in terms of management and organisation, resources, methodologies and tools.

The Internationalisation Area focuses on developing the internationalisation strategy that guarantees the incorporation of the international component in all the digital activities of Vocational Training, as well as contributing, together with other business and social agents, to the internationalisation of the production system related to the digitalisation of industry.

It participates in international projects, together with companies, intermediate agents, universities and other institutions to transfer the CIDA model to other countries, State entities or other Autonomous Communities.

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