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November 2022 | 1 minute

Vikika Costa, a leading sports tech influencer, has entrusted Actiu to design the equipment for her new space, which she wanted to design based on its Cool Working methodology, with which the business creates high-performance workspaces focused on physical and emotional well-being that favour the productivity and growth of the organisation. The brand has supported Vikika Costa during a new stage in her business, in which design plays a fundamental role, both to provide well-being to the team, and to consolidate the image of her personal and business brands, Vikika Team and Entrena Virtual.

Vikika's innovative spirit as an entrepreneur and businesswoman is reflected in these state-of-the-art offices, designed from a unique concept where the equipment, colours, materials, textures, and acoustics have been carefully chosen to attract and retain talent, and motivate and increase the efficiency and productivity of her team.

Actiu's commitment to well-being and to local production, with a product manufactured entirely in Spain from a production process based on the circular economy and 'zero kilometre' concept, has been decisive for Vikika, who was looking for a partner to co-create a space that fits the sensibility, values, and lifestyles of her team. The offices are organised in different areas, largely separated using glass windows, curtains, or conventional dividers, where the Vikika Team and Entrena Virtual team work, while taking care of their physical and mental health.

The management team area occupies a functional operational bench located next to the entrance, with a large window that allows natural light to enter, where the elegant and minimalist Prisma tables are combined with ergonomic TNK 500 chairs. To provide privacy to this area, the side next to the entrance and reception area is protected by a modular melamine cabinet topped by a planter that functions as a screen.

A more creative area is reserved in the same space, to accommodate informal meetings and brainstorming sessions, with organic and dynamic modules and poufs from the Bend range, and a blackboard wall to note down ideas or deliver small presentations.

Behind a glass pane protected by a curtain that either opens it up or separates it visually from the management team area, is the office occupied by Vikika Costa and her partner, Javier Menéndez. In this space, a sophisticated Arkitek double work table, TNK Flex chairs and aesthetic and functional Longo filing cabinets have been chosen, to convey elegance and uniqueness. 

Once again, the most operational area is complemented with a more relaxed and casual corner, with two Badminton armchairs and Bend tables and poufs that users can move around the space as required.

The innermost area is reserved for the rest of the team, in a bench of 4 with operational Trim chairs and the same Prisma tables to provide unity. The latter, equipped with moveable screens that allow the team to leave them in place in order to focus, or to collaborate as a team when they are removed. To enhance acoustic and spatial comfort, decorative sound absorbing panels have been installed on the wall, while Bucks, modular cabinets, lockers, and drawers under the desks provide storage and keep the space clean and tidy.

In the same room, to offer the team different options for work and collaboration environments, a Longo Pod module creates a semi-private environment where small team meetings can be held. 

Behind it, another multipurpose space with Bend modules and a Caddy 500 light support with an integrated interactive screen, allows for presentations or simply a communal space to relax.

The meeting room is located next to the workstations and conceived as a more private space, to hold management meetings or those that require more privacy. This space combines a large Power table with comfortable Noom 30 chairs in a characteristic wine colour. Once again, the space is completed with a decorative Longo filing cabinet for storage, and aesthetic sound absorbing panels against a backdrop that, as in the rest of the rooms, combines natural materials with a range of pastel-coloured tones that creates a harmonious and inspiring environment.

In the office-dining room, we wanted to create a very dynamic space through two different areas. In the first one, the team can eat in a group sitting on the Noom 40 stools that surround the Cool E100 central table, whereas the other is more 'private', next to the characteristic wine-coloured wall, with a Tabula table and Noom 50 stools.

The design of the new Vikika Team and Entrena Virtual offices is just the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between two family businesses that are united by values ​​such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, well-being, health, and ergonomics. New spaces for new lifestyles, in which equipment that is certified under the highest international standards and parameters in terms of ergonomics and comfort coexists with a healthy lifestyle where physical and emotional care are essential. 

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