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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
January 2024 | 25 minutes

Druni, the renowned perfumery chain with more than 300 shops throughout Spain, has inaugurated its new offices in the town of Carlet, where it was first established in 1987. In its constant search for innovation and efficiency, Druni decided to renovate its facilities to create a brighter and more dynamic workspace. Actiu's Projects team, as experts in space design, worked closely with Druni to transform these offices and align them with modern, collaborative ways of working.


The old premises, located on the same industrial estate, had become obsolete and too small for Druni's ever-expanding needs.

The challenge was clear: to design a space that not only reflected the company's identity and values, but also fostered collaboration, work dynamics and employee well-being.

Druni was looking for a comprehensive renovation of its offices to adapt to new ways of working, promoting collaboration and work dynamics.


Actiu, with its focus on functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture, provided smart solutions for each area of the new office space. The open-plan design of the open space was complemented by Stay chairs, which offer comfort and ergonomics to employees. Vital Pro tables, aligned and facing each other, were integrated with concealed electrification systems to keep the aesthetics tidy. In addition, the choice of modular storage with planters added a natural touch and provided additional storage without sacrificing space.

The main meeting room was transformed into an elegant space with the Arkitek table in white and Noom 30 armchairs, conveying exclusivity and robustness. Other rooms took a more informal approach, with Vital Pro tables and Urban Plus chairs combining functionality and versatility.

Bright, spacious and friendly, the new Druni offices make the working day more comfortable and promote the well-being of the entire team, with customised furniture, natural elements and carefully chosen touches of colour.

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