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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Gestec, Alicante
October 2021 | 4 minutes

Renovated by the Rocamora Diseño y Architectura studio, the offices of the technical studio, Gestec, that manages construction and architecture projects, located in the municipality of Formentera del Segura in Alicante, support the new stages of job growth of a company that has a horizontal organisational structure.

The uninspiring character of the industrial park where the offices are located has led the architects to opt for a design that is closed off from its surroundings, both at a solar and visual level. Inside, the new layout seeks to improve the day-to-day life of its employees who have been working in this same space for decades and had slowly adapted it to their needs, in an often-improvised way.

Conceived as a meeting space for clients and a comfortable space for its employees, the new offices opt for a hybrid model, where shared work areas are combined with other intermediate areas that provide different degrees of privacy. Open, fluid and comfortable spaces, whether acoustically, thermally and in terms of light, that generate visual and physical permeability, among which other spaces on a second level are interspersed, allowing meetings or other situations to take place that require greater privacy.

Although the project inherits the main vertical communication core from the old offices, the staircase abandons its character of being a heavy piece of infrastructure and reinvents itself as a "large piece of furniture" for accessing the different floor. The ground floor houses a cafeteria/office area with a leisure and rest area, physically separated from the workstations to foster relaxation.

The work areas are distributed over three floors, with a large open space for 18 people and support areas on the first floor, and two meeting rooms on the second. One of a smaller size with glass for brief technical meetings, and the main one for meetings with clients, presentations or videoconferences. Reserved for the three management offices, the third and last floor places a shared open work area next to these offices, as a reflection of a company with a hierarchical order but that is committed to communication and teamwork.

Actiu has participated in equipping a space where furniture is conceived as a work tool, which helps to improve the personal relationships of those who inhabit or visit it. Concepts such as versatility and flexibility, ergonomics and comfort have been fundamental when choosing the pieces that furnish the space.

With a high degree of versatility and in order to respond to the specific needs of Gestec, which proposed using mass-coloured MDF wall panelling boards as the tabletop for its desks, Actiu has provided Vital Plus ST table structures in standard measurements, but with the tabletop chosen by the client. This uniformity of finishes between the walls and the furniture helps to organise and give the space a sense of unity.

In the open space on the first floor, the Vital Plus ST tables are combined with high performance and high comfort Stay chairs of a great ergonomic quality that can be used for prolonged periods of time. The adjustment of the seat and armrests from the seated position favours mobility, allowing postural changes to take place with minimal effort.

In the meeting areas, contract solutions have been chosen, with Noom 30 visitor chairs. Their friendly and elegant design, meant to foster communication and transmit well-being, makes them the best option for casual meetings between workers and their clients.

Corners furnished with Tabula side tables and Noom 10 armchairs infuse the space with a comfortable yet, at the same time, elegant character, enhanced by upholstery that respects the simple range of colours and textures used in the building: grey on the floor, which sometimes extends vertically onto the walls and baseboards, black on the ceiling and walls, glass on the partition walls, and MDF boards with coloured fibres.

In the open-plan work room on the top floor, and to enhance its more relaxed character, the Vital Plus ST tables - in this case with upholstered screens between adjacent workstations - are accompanied by the same Noom 30 visitor chairs used in the meeting rooms. Their four-legged base on wheels enhances mobility and versatility, allowing workers to easily navigate the space to hold impromptu meetings.

To make up for the reduced range of finishes, some focal or vertical points, such as the core of the staircase/lift, have been reinforced with light boxes, with graphics that incorporate company branding and natural motifs that generate well-being, provide perspective and make the rooms come alive.

The new Gestec offices have become the best business card for a company whose workspace manages to transmit its great capacity and quality based on order, precision, fluidity, transparency and teamwork.

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