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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
April 2024 | 27 minutes

Actiu has participated, together with its partner in Madrid, LAMBDA3, in equipping the offices of HomeServe, the company specialising in solutions for the care and maintenance of homes, businesses and communities, which a few months earlier moved its corporate headquarters to the LaFinca Business Park complex in Pozuelo de Alarcón.

  • Architects/Interior designers: Galöw
  • Location: Madrid
  • Area: 4.000 m2
  • Year: 2023
  • Client: HomeServe

Basic principles of healthy architecture and neuroarchitecture, such as lighting, hygrothermal and acoustic comfort, ergonomics and materials, are the starting point for this innovative workspace. A project by Galöw, the pioneering company in the concept of Healthy Architecture® and Interior Design, founded by Rita Gasalla in 2000, which improves the user experience and is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Comfort, spaciousness, a commitment to sustainability and innovation were some of the factors that led HomeServe to decide to move to LaFinca Business Park and commission Galöw to transform what would be its new workspace. Sustainable offices, where the well-being, both physical and mental, of the people who live there every day, would be the priority.

With a surface area of 4,000 m2, the new headquarters was to contribute to the full development of the company and its workers, integrating the concept of human health in its design, construction and management, and making architecture a source of health.


Healthy architecture and neuroarchitecture

Based on the scientific evidence that buildings directly influence the health of the people who live in them, Galöw Galöw has applied design based on the premises of the discipline of neuroarchitecture to these offices as a tool for improving intellectual performance and emotional well-being.

With the shared focus on wellbeing and productivity, the space not only takes care of their physical and mental health. It also strengthens the bonds between employees, promoting their creativity and motivation, and generating a unique user experience.

Biophilic design

Mimicking the green surroundings of LaFinca Business Park, the new offices are filled with materials, textures and colours that refer to the natural world and improve the mood of employees who can work in the open operational space area, meet in more or less conventional rooms or in others that are reminiscent of the living space of a home.

Natural plants, walls dyed green or wallpapered with plant motifs, wooden panelling, acoustic panels in natural tones, carpets that recreate earth and grass, or lighting that simulates leaves falling from the ceiling, are some of the resources used by the architects to immerse workers in a natural environment. Details that improve their state of mind and invite them to explore a space that offers many and very different alternatives for working.

Furniture for well-being

Actiu's furniture also contributes to this improvement in the mood and physical state of the workers, through different programmes, such as the Vital Pro tables and Stay chairs in the operative area, or the Power tables with electric elevation, accompanied by the TNK Flex operative chairs and the Urban 30 confidant chairs, in the offices and meeting rooms. With great versatility and freedom of movement, each of them provides what the worker needs at any given moment.

In addition to the more 'functional' programmes in the operational area, the closed meeting rooms and the offices, there are other more 'informal' programmes, distributed throughout the open space, which allow workers to meet in small groups. These include a Longo Pod, which creates a refuge that is visually and acoustically isolated from the outside, and Noom 50 chairs and stools with a four-legged wooden base that adds a natural touch and an upholstered seat for greater comfort.

A commitment to sustainability

In addition, the company has implemented sustainability initiatives, such as 30% of the electricity generation in the common areas being done through self-consumption installations, with solar panels and aerothermal solutions.

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