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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Interworld Freight
December 2020 | 2 minutes

A modern, fresh and inspiring environment, has made employees, customers, suppliers and visitors fall in love with the new Interworld Freight Miami offices in Doral, Florida. This international logistics and distribution company, devoted to the transport of goods as well as distribution and storage services in the USA for 30 years, turned to Actiu and its partner in Florida, Masof, to come up with the design for its headquarters where 40 of its 150 employees work.

Chosen due to being extremely flexible and versatile, Actiu furniture fits perfectly with a working philosophy that fosters collaboration. Its new headquarters mixes open spaces with more enclosed and private areas reserved for offices, meeting rooms and document archives.

With inspiring phrases printed on the walls, the open space is laid out around two Vital Plus Spine desks. These not only ensure privacy at the work stations, they also come with integrated storage space so that the desks can be kept clean and tidy.

To foster dynamic and casual meetings between employees and customers, soft seating areas have been added in the open space. All in the brand´s corporate colours of blue, orange and green. 

Glazed panes separate areas that require greater privacy from the open space, although without cutting them off. With a more restrained style and neutral tones, the meeting room can hold face-to-face and online meetings alike. 

“Unlike our old headquarters, workers now come to the office in good spirits and attracted by a space that, with areas to rest, play, have fun and work, encourages well-being and collaboration”, highlights Interworld Freight Miami. 

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