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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Maqua´s Palace
January 2021 | 2 minutes

The former residence of the Maqua family between the 19th and 20th centuries, restored in 1983 and 1997, will now house a Spanish as a Foreign Language (E.L.E.) Centre as well as a co-working space. Located in the Asturian town of Avilés, the Maqua Palace is part of a building awash with Gothic details, with a façade crowned by an eave and beautiful viewpoints, as well as an interior courtyard closed with balconies.

The Council of Avilés, whose Architecture Department oversaw the project, turned to Actiu and its partner Equipaviles to equip this building managed by the La Curtidora business centre.

Every space has been equipped with simple and functional furniture, such as the Vital ST tables with movable side panels and the Efit chairs in the co-working room, highlighting the original building´s ornamentation. For the training room, easily stackable models were chosen for when they are not being used, such as the Whass chairs with tablet arm and the Talent table.

Elsewhere, flexible and versatile models were chosen, which foster different methods of collaboration, such as the Vital PRO, Dynamic and Prisma tables, or the foldable Trama range. All accompanied by lightweight Whass chairs, with gas-lift and four legs, as well as the Urban Plus with gas lift pneumatic piston cylinder.  Longo Pod modules offer acoustically isolated spaces where one can work and make telephone calls without being bothered.

The iconic loft space is reserved for the Maqua Lab, an agora equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, where the furniture lends a characteristic touch of colour. Perfect for training and conference rooms, the lightweight, stackable  MIT chairs enable changing the layout as well as how the space is used, depending on the needs at any given time. Moreover, three Noom armchairs add a friendly, elegant and distinctive touch to the speaking area.

The Maqua Palace already operates as a 'Dream Factory' in the city, but it also seeks to become a benchmark centre where, as well as holding events or exhibitions; companies and entrepreneurs can present their ideas and projects.

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