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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.

The design and development of this project has taken into account criteria which favours energy savings. Actiu furniture was chosen to equip this installation.

Alcorcon Townhall
May 2011 | 3 minutes

The need to increase the administrative area of the Alcorcón Town Hall has meant an extension of 3.000 squared metres which together with the original building the Consistorial House, designed by the architect Cabrero-Isasi, makes 10.000 m2 which completes the block and redefines the urban heart of the town. The design and development of this project has taken into account criteria which favours energy savings. Through some lattices on the facade natural light enters and solar radiation is regulated, whilst at the same time ventilation is encouraged through the building.

While the original building was designed for political use (the mayor, the press and political groups), the extension, designed by the architectural studio Lorenzo Alonso, it has an administrative function where one can find all the services for citizens. There are two floors of offices as a continuing work space inside, in response to the actual concept of office landscape. An imposing staircase connects all the floors. Actiu furniture was chosen to equip this installation.

The ground floor is open, it creates a continuity between the interior space and the exterior public space. Here you can find the most requested services of the town by the residents. A long row of Plek chairs invites a consultation or you can wait your turn next to the Peana tables.

The Vital desk program has been used, combining its multiple options, (long and wide desks for meetings, individual, with auxiliary wings, twin,...) to meet the different needs of the environment. The Uma chair, discreet but very comfortable, has fitted perfectly, as the versatile chair. Upholstered in black, it can be found in two versions, with and without armrests.

It has left an open space on the first floor which is suitable for a conference and training area. The Trama desk, with folding desk top and castors, allow for its quick storage, making it optimal for flexible spaces and meeting various configurations. Spacio, with its robust structure and writing pallet, completes this educational environment.

The Transit bench, with clean lines and avant-garde design, occupies the spaces between floors and provides waiting time for the paperwork. It is a high quality technological product, selected by the Delta Awards 2009 for its innovative design.

It is a project where the filing and storage furniture is very important and there is a necessity for a large quantity of documentation which is handled daily by the town hall. The Actiu modular cabinets, available in different measurements and distributions, meets these requirements. Besides this function, the cabinets also have dividers to create and distinguish environments. The pedestals with castors, favour closer and personal filing.

For the operative positions the Winner chair has been used, in two of its versions. On one hand, for middle management, the upholstered chair in black leather with a headrest was chosen. For the rest of the places, the Winner was upholstered in fabric and with a breathable technical mesh, in black and pearl grey. Both the management and operative Winner models adapt themselves smoothly to any position minimizing user effort to keep or vary a position, all in a natural way without the need for manual adjustment.

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