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Highly functional furniture was opted for but without forgetting the overall design, elegant and avant-garde, in keeping with the whole complex

The City of Culture in Galicia
July 2012 | 3 minutes

Located in Mount Gaiás, in Santiago de Compostela and designed as a major cultural centre, dedicated to the knowledge and contemporary creativity, the City of Culture in Galicia has emerged as an instrument which, combines the past and the future, enabling Galicia to deal with an strategic plan for development of: culture.

The City of Culture in Galicia was designed by the North American architect Peter Eisenman, following an International competition in which twelve projects were presented. Chosen for its uniqueness both conceptually as well as artistic and its exceptional harmony where it stands, Eisenman designed this project in Gaiás as a unique city.

Inspired by the historic centre in Compostela and the five Pilgrimage routes in the medieval town which leads to the cathedral, the architect has moved this grid to the top of the mountain. Based on this concept, the project consists of four buildings: The Creative Entrepreneurship Centre, A library and Archive for Galicia, Gaiás Museum Centre and a Cultural innovative Centre, connecting all the streets and the square together as a connecting point evoking a resemblance of a scallop, the symbol of pilgrimage.

Actiu was selected to provide the equipment for some of the installation of the four centres which make up the City of Culture. Highly functional furniture was opted for but without forgetting the overall design, elegant and avant-garde, in keeping with the whole complex. The Vital desk program was chosen, which offer the possibility of growth and flexible adaptability, according to different needs.

The program also has its own system of screens, which in this case was chosen in a simple white panel.

Two filing systems have been used; one using pedestals with castors for individual use which enables items to be kept within the touch of a hand. The other, modular cabinets, larger capacity and with options of various heights, enabling storage of all types of documents and office material.

Vital has an integrated electrification system which enables effective management and tidiness of wiring.

It has a large capacity steel tray which is beneath the work surface and is accessed through an aluminium cover attached to the central beam

The Tnk 500 chair is more than a formal design. It is the sum of functional, technical and technological details. An elegant and timeless design. With high visual quality using added value, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Flexible materials at the point of interaction with the user providing great comfort.

The meeting rooms have been equipped with a large twin desk from the Vital program and with the Urban Plus chair, a versatile chair with natural and ergonomic lines. All the facilities have been combined in white for the furniture with black for the seating. The aluminium legs on the desks and chairs complete the selection of neutral colours.

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