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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Maike Group
May 2018 | 4 minutes

A sober, calm environment that places colour and furniture front and centre presided over Maike Group‘s recent headquarters opening in Xian, China. The group, which is one of the biggest suppliers and sellers of metals in the country, has chosen to furnish its new offices in partnership with Actiu, which has worked with its local partner Work Wonders on this job.

More used to working with more traditional companies, the management of Maike Group discovered Actiu through a designer that had been working with them for some time. On a visit to Work Wonders’ Shanghai showroom, they spotted Actiu’s products as a means of giving their new headquarters a different, fresh and elegant style.

After submitting its bid, Actiu was finally chosen to furnish the new offices. Maike based their decision on “the beauty of their designs, the benefits of Cool Working, and their competitive prices”.

Previously, Maike’s offices had been organised into conventional spaces using cubicles and closed rooms which underlined the hierarchies within the company. This type of layout was no longer able to meet the needs of younger employees, who requested a completely different type of space for the new headquarters. A fresh, communicative, and friendly environment, where people can talk, make friends, and unleash their creativity, regardless of the technical nature of their work.

Located in a glass skyscraper in Xian, the 4,000m2 new headquarters is divided into four floors centred around a central shaft which serves as a reception lobby.

Different spaces, including work areas, meeting rooms, and rest and relaxation areas, are organised around the central area.

Work stations are in open spaces so as to create a dynamic and interactive environment, which meets the needs of younger employees and boosts the company’s flexibility and transparency. Environments which encourage communication and interaction between employees, whilst also allowing for the privacy and concentration which is so often needed. A dynamic layout which Link and Longo systems are a perfect match for, as they allow for concentration without excluding social areas.

The exceptional versatility of Link offers many different combinations. Adjustable and modular, it builds collective spaces which, just like at home, employees add a personal touch to and make their own. As transitionary pieces between public and private spaces, the varying heights and geometric qualities create areas that aid concentration.

Changes in colour and floor levels, in addition to light shelves or low-standing storage modules, are used to separate areas in a space that conserves overall visual fluidity. Following this style, a small island, which is slightly higher than the rest of the office, offers a social area for employees. Furnished with pouffes and low tables, and offering lots of versatility and flexibility, it is the perfect area to hold informal meetings and get-togethers.

In some work rooms, Link features alongside the Longo system, which is halfway between a work and a domestic space, to provide a homely feel for workers to feel at home. The soft seating blends with the office, using a robust but visually light structure and sofas and storage solutions. Therefore, staff can enjoy small rest or social areas just a few steps away from their work stations. 

The modularity and wide variety of colours of Link and Longo upholstery allow for the customisation of spaces, whilst acoustic panels provide acoustic insulation. This creates friendly, creative spaces in which Wing chairs, in striking colours and a retro design, fit in perfectly.

The white wood and aluminium of the furniture mixes with fresh vibrant colours such as yellow, blue, red, and orange against the white and grey background of the whole office. Both the furniture and the flooring and glass, which separate rooms, provide complete transparency between areas. 

Arkitek desking adds a strong architectural character to executive offices. The typical aluminium structure gives personality to executive work stations, which are furnished with TNK Flex chairs for extra comfort. A more sober, elegant character, which is given a dynamic, playful touch by the colour of the open seating against the large storage spaces. This solution is also used in work rooms to create spaces between shelves, which grants visual and spatial fluidity to promote teamwork in a relaxed environment.

Meeting rooms have been furnished with Cron seating, functional and practical task seating inspired by classic executive armchairs. In the low backrest and fixed base version, it brings together the strengths of an impressive, slender executive chair with a functional, comfortable, light and modern style.

This is the formula used in the new headquarters of Maike Group to foster collaboration, communication, concentration, and privacy in one single space. Bright, fluid spaces which blend wellbeing and work to go beyond the hierarchical layout of traditional company that is moving into an exciting new stage.

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