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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
January 2018 | 4 minutes

Founded in 1898 as la Société Renault Frères by Louis Renault and his brothers Marcel and Fernand, the French automobile company Renault is one of the companies that sells the most vehicles in Spain. The brand, which first arrived in Spain in 1953 with the opening of its factory in Valladolid, has two other factories, in Villamuriel de Cerrato (Palencia) and Sevilla. Its constant growth and a strong commitment to adapting to new ways of working, have motivated it to move its Madrid headquarters. Located in Alcobendas, the new building accommodates the brand's three groups, thus optimizing costs and space.

The new headquarters is located in a 12,600 square metre building with 5 floors in the Avenida de Europa Business Park, in Alcobendas. 

With this change, Renault is investing in its workers, who can avail of the building's own services as well as the large business park in which it is located. The building is full of functional and efficient spaces, where Renault's philosophy coexists with the demands of increasingly digital work environments that, like the French group, are committed to design, innovation, sustainability, technology and comfort.

Just like in its factories in Valladolid, Palencia and Sevilla, Renault has placed its trust in Actiu and its partner Spacio Valladolid for equipping out their entire new offices. It is a collaborative and constantly evolving work space that, with space for more than 600 workers, whose design has taken into account the Cool Working® philosophy. In fact, everything in the new headquarters seeks to promote the well-being of employees and enhance their creativity. From a dining room with healthy food, to an outdoor terrace where workers can rest or a gym for releasing tension; and even stairs with natural elements that promote movement or an indoor courtyard with natural lighting to minimize the risk of tired eyesight.

In areas designed for greater relaxation, such as the canteen and the terrace, the Tabula Tar 20 tables combine with Wing collective chairs in striking colours. This model is the most appropriate for this type of space, as it is suitable for both the indoors and outdoors, offers a long use life thanks to the polypropylene fibreglass they are made of and is stackable in groups of up to six units. In addition, its design brings a timeless touch to an environment with a marked contemporary style.

Open spaces enhance collaboration and a new way of working that adapts to current needs. Within these spaces, the infinite number of possibilities of configuration and the simple and friendly design of Bend soft seating invites you to sit on them and share. Round modules and auxiliary tables orbit around the main structure and provide dynamism.

The Longo soft seating and the Badminton armchair give life to the waiting and rest areas. Versatile and flexible, Longo creates meeting points and informal meeting areas in the work rooms. With it, and as an iconic element, Badminton brings a distinctive and somewhat playful touch to the space.

As a result of a transparent and participative work philosophy and a much more horizontal organization, the management offices have been removed. Open planned and unwalled, rooms are filled with unassigned positions, the result of the nomadic nature of modern ways of working. The tables alternate with Longo POD cubicles that, acoustically insulated with sound absorbing panels, house private spaces for collaborative work. In agreement with the floor, the colour of the upholstery provides warmth and encourages creativity.

In the meeting and multipurpose rooms, the linear and pure aesthetics of the Prisma and Vital Plus tables share space with the versatility and ergonomics of the Urban Plus. The latter is a perfect chair for groups and presentations. Its combination gives rise to a contemporary and minimalist atmosphere, which promotes relaxed work and collaboration.

For greater elegance and distinction, the Board Room has been equipped with an imposing Arkitek table which is 10 metres long and has chromed legs. The design of the Cron chairs in grey and yellow that go with it responds to new work environments, by combining the qualities of an executive chair with the most advanced technology and comfort.

Ultimately, as explained by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renault Spain and Member of the Renault Group Executive Committee, José Vicente de los Mozos, “the new offices bring to life a cultural change in the company, that is committed to the greater well-being and quality of life of its employees”.

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