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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Official School of Pharmacists
February 2019 | 4 minutes

The Official School of Pharmacists of Alicante has its headquarters renovated. With Boreal Arquitectura e Ingeniería, the renovation was much more than just a physical and aesthetical change to a space that, built at the beginning of the 1970s, was now outdated. The project aims to create a pleasant working environment, that enables the day to day of its workers and collegiate, and where technology plays a vital role

Although the College has been incorporating new technologies into its working methodology for many years, its physical space and facilities needed a change. After four months, the building has been completely remodelled, in a process that involved aspects both in form and substance.

The headquarters extends over three floors, on the ground floor are the work spaces, the entrance hall, waiting areas and meeting rooms; on the mezzanine, the College has work areas, a training room and laboratories; and on the first floor is the boardroom and auditorium

Equipped with the most advanced technology and automation, the new College is now a smart building. In order to achieve greater efficiency, sensors have been installed to control the intensity of the lights, depending on if someone is there or not, and the air conditioning can be adjusted by the user through devices located in each room. In addition to cameras, access controls and fire prevention sensors to ensure safety.

The façade has been renovated and equipped with lighting using floodlights and LED spotlights. The new wood look aluminium framework replaces the original wood, and a curtain wall replaces the old west-facing stained glass windows.

Creating a functional space that promotes well-being and productivity, was key to a project where Actiu has helped to provide products that respond to the new work paradigms, providing flexibility and comfort to an environment where collaboration and transparency are two of its key hallmarks.

White helps to make the space feel lighter and larger where a touch of colour is added through the furniture and a graphic in the same tones (oranges, yellows and blues) with a mural from the Alicante painter, Gasto Castelló, which presides over the lobby. Originally located on the first floor, its large size meant it had to be dismantled it into seven different pieces in order to move it to its new location.

To optimise the work space, all staff have been placed on the ground and mezzanine floor, where the previously excessive compartmentalisation has been replaced by new light and airy spaces. In these spaces, vegetation has been incorporated into the design, through a metallic structure with plants suspended inside and a vertical garden as a backdrop.

At the workstations, the high back chair Cron accompanies the Vital Plus and Vital Plus Spine desks. With a contemporary and very versatile aesthetic, this range of desks offers multiple layouts and great freedom when it comes to organising the space. 

All workers have their own storage space, integrated into the backbone of the model Vital Plus Spine, or separate metal drawers, Bucks, in the case of the Vital Plus.

The offices include soundproofed compartments with glass dividers that maintain privacy. In them, the  Cron high back and head office chair is combined with Arkitek, an elegant desk with a light and organic silhouette, and the timeless Ikara chairs. The latter two are also found in the adjacent meeting rooms.

In the training room, the  Urban Plus 50 chairs in yellow and blue tones give colour to a space filled with natural light. Mobile, foldable, stackable and height-adjustable, the Talent table system enables the space to be organised according to the needs at any time, providing versatility that new teaching spaces need.

Stackable, light and in bright colours, the Mit high stools furnish the office and laboratories, providing a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that defines the whole project.

On the first floor, a large table suitable for 25 people, accompanied by Ikara chairs with a swivel base and glides. As in the other meeting rooms, waiting and work areas, the sound-absorbing properties of the ceiling provide maximum acoustic comfort.

The new COFA headquarters embodies the mentality of its recently created Board of Directors, who supported the modernisation of its structures, systems, processes and facilities from the outset. Equipped with the most advanced technologies, this “21st century college” combines the tradition and prestige of an organisation such as COFA, with the modernity and facilities required by today’s society.

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